Most of you will (should!) already know the cult death/grind masters of the bizarre, Catasexual Urge Motivation. Throughout the 90’s these 2 Japanese murder-obsessed perverts produced some of the most original and insanely complex death/grind to date.Catasexual Urge Motivation is the true showcase of cruelty and bloodshed translated into music, music for serial killers!!!This interview was originally in 1997 by Chris for issue 4 of Subcide Zine(NZ) which never eventuated.
Please note - the contact and merch details at the end of this interview probably aren't relevant these days, so don't go sending your cash or love letters to any of the addresses below.

You have some really long and bizarre titles for some of your songs. Please give an explanation for each of the following titles and give a brief description of each of the songs lyrical content:
- The Man Who Aimed At Maximum Murder To The Greatest Pleasure
- He Shot Her Down And Ate Her Flesh, And Then He Said "Excuse Me For Living But I Preferred To Be Eaten Rather Than To Eat"
- I'll Confess Everything That I Have Ever Killed 5 People And One Was A Little Girl
- The Legacy Of A Serial Killer Lives On Forever Due To Their Uncanny Ability to Capture The Interests Of The Worlds Spectators Through The Extreme Quality, Quantity, Method, And Results Of Their Actions.

Okay, I will try. But most of our song titles talk about what the song contains in it when you read it. That's why they're quite long. Well, "The man..." is about a man who did that, hahaha. He wanted to have world's record of killing. We named it because the song fits for the title I guess. "He shot her down..." is about a Japanese cannibal called Issei Sagawa who killed (shot his gun) and ate Dutch exchange student (female, of course) in his Paris apartment in '81. This song is a kind of his confession that he wanted to eat her but his actual motive was to be eaten by women. He still wants to eat women. "I'll confess..." is not my idea and I don't know exact content. 99 % of lyrics were written by my younger brother in Japanese. This song is really weird and I asked him for a strange song title. I think the lyrical content of the song is related or similar to "He shot her down...” a confession of a serial killer. "The legacy of..." is our newer song that will be featured on our second album and the demo version is now on the 'Shadows of Michelangelo' magazine's compilation CD sampler. What I can say about the song is that just read it, feel it, take it and swallow it. Sorry that they're not brief descriptions as most of them were written in Japanese. Sometimes I sing in Japanese, sometimes not. It depends on what kind of mood I am in. It's really hard for us to say philosophical words in English, so Japanese parts remained that are about philosophy.

Please tell us about your current CD release "The Encyclopedia Of Serial Murders". Are you happy with the way it came out, production and recording wise? What sort of reaction and level of success has it gained? Are you happy with the promotion and distribution Deliria Productions have given it? Has the CD gained C.U.M. any interest from any other bigger recording labels? How can readers get hold of it?
At the time we recorded and mixed it, we were really pleased
with it. We re-recorded some of our previous songs because they're not as good as we wanted. And so production goes, too. We just wanted a very extreme album with sickness and heaviness. I honestly think we failed the production. Because we have now really good sound compare to the CD tracks. We think the CD is our best at the time, but not in the future. To be honest, we want to re-mix most of the songs and re-release it with new vocals on another label who might be interested in our second album or something. We think first album of a band is very regretful and we felt so. Probably I won't be satisfied with our second album, as I'm a perfectionist. It depends on how the label will support us to record it, financial and promotion wise I mean. We just gained with the album a debut. We've also released other several stuff but the main focus is albums. We haven't gained other than that. I think I'm not really happy with the promotion and distribution the label has given us. Frank of the label is my personal friend and I understand that he's many plans and his own life and of course busy. He's a dedicated and trustworthy guy but I think we won't release anything on the label as he hates Death fuckin' Metal but we're Death Metal. Hell no, we haven't have any other offers. We have now a new promo tape that contains brand new 5 songs and they will be featured on our second album, and let's see what happened with it in the future. The debut CD can be purchased from Deliria productions, c/o Frank Riesinger, Martin-Luther-Str.23, 71636 Ludwigsburg, Germany for Europe/$15, world/$18 (airmail) or $15 (surface). We don't have many copies left, so order directly to the label. Thank you.

Exactly who is "Cyber E.M.F/chaos"? Why is the brother of the Sadochist so perverted? Where does the drum machine come into all of this?
Cyber E.M.F. is our machine-made drummer. It's a machine but has attitude. I help the programming but the actual sound came out from within the box. Yeah, we're so perverted because we love fetishism, S/M art, torture, cannibalism, vampirism, bloodshed, bizarre tales, macabre story, etc. I like weird sex. To use drum machine is my idea and this way there will be less argument between members. We're two-piece and brothers, so there will be no line-up change. One more reason is that we're influenced by Industrial music rhythm-wise. That's why we use it.

In the year 1993 how exactly did Catasexual Urge Motivation go on a journey to search themselves and try to become the sickest band that ever existed?
Beyond description. That's why we're here and brutal and sick and heavy as fuck.

Your band bio mentions a number of already recorded releases that aren't out yet such as "Cyber Gore" an industrial album, another album called "Fantasy Wants Victim" and also a MCD of cover versions called "They Made Us Extremely Sick". Please tell us about each of these releases. What compilation tracks have you recorded and for what compilations were / are they recorded for?
"Cyber Gore" meant to be just a fun listen. At the time we recorded it, we're really into Industrial rhythm and we thought that if we re-arranged a normal Grind/Death song to very industrial oriented one, that would be cool and we like the idea. So far we've recorded 7 Industrial version songs for it but never sees the daylight because no one has been interested. Probably in the future, it will be released, at least I hope. But 'hope' is senseless. I hate 'hope'. Perhaps, there will be no hope. I don't know. "Fantasy Wants Victim..." compilation album was meant to be released on V. records but the label ripped us off. Also Gulli records offered us a deal but they also refused, as they're too busy. What a joke!!!! Both labels offered us but they quit to release it. I don't really mind because the album is just a compilation album recorded various dates/sound. It's not our second album. I'm sure the album won't be released. We also don't want to. It's too late to release it. We've progressed, and the songs on it we aren't really pleased with today. We used some tracks for upcoming cass. EP's. Cover MCD also was a plan. We asked to some labels with it but they didn't want to release cover album. We just wanted to say 'thank you' to those who we covered, they're innovators of Death/Grind. I don't know who will release it. Maybe not. It also was just fun to record them. Probably there will only be second album next time, I'm not sure. Compilation CD's that we contributed so far are: 'Shadows of Michelangelo' magazine comp. CD sampler (already out),
Ecocentric records comp. CD, Dolphins records comp. CD 'Stranger than Paradise pt.2' (two fuckin' years delay!!! but not out yet), Visceral productions comp. CD, Extremist records comp. CD, Fuck You records pop song cover comp. CD, and a couple more. All of the tracks are unreleased.

Early 1994, Catasexual Urge Motivation found a new dimension of sickness, morbid perversions, and ultimate gore in philosophical views, which strongly involved the following things. What do each of these things mean to you?
- Serial Killers:
I like serial killing more than mass murdering. We don't worship murderers and killers like most of bands that write about that. We're psychologists of murder and we perform psychological aspect only. Serial killers have most unique mind to do research for. I'm very interested in why they did it, what they thought, what was the motives, etc. Human beings are all slaughter and our history proves it. But modern crimes, especially serial killing is not really simple to talk about in a word. So that is a most definite topic.
- Mass Murderers: A man talked to himself about how many people have I killed. This is the reason he cannot count because he cannot stop killing. Murder is his life. To kill is to live. This also is very interesting as above.
- Sexual Homicide: Man killed woman because of his sexual desire. Murder is erotic. He knows it.
- Torture: To hear screaming of death is what I long for. It shivers me.
- Rape: This is not physical movement. To rape one's mind is the one I wanted to say. First the mind, second the body. Talk to her sweetly and give slow death with raping.
- Cannibalism: You know the ancient history. We ate each other at the time. But now? Religion doesn’t allow us to do that. Animals eat animals, and we should eat people. This is my opinion. And this is my opinion on cannibalism. It's not illegal.
- Vampirism: Believe it or not, I really wanted to become a vampire at my younger days. I was possessed. Vampire is my father. Blood is my mother. I am a vampire, too.
- Mutilation: Murder is art. What do you use when you draw or build a sculpture? Dead body just lying on the floor is not interesting to me. To make it better, that means to mutilate the body and create an original sculpture with the body. Human body is a canvas. You can paint it, cut and paste it, taste it, move it, and feel it.
- Sadism: Violence. Anger. Hatred.

You guys have a really cool Web Site "Murder Web" on the Internet. Please tell us about it.
We started it almost two years ago. Since then, I became an Internet junkie. It's not perfect yet. I'm studying about the Internet and web site. Our site is almost always under construction but stop by, if you dare. The world's most brutal site I'm sure. I've added to it an access counter in Feb. '97 and since then, nearly 5000 people have visited. I think our web site is not just a band's site. I also will start up a homepage building site called web TECH studio.

What is your opinion on the Heavensgate mass suicides? Where do you think the 38 dead are now that they're shed their human bodies? Who do you think was right, them or us?
I know of it but not exactly. There's always somebody using religion to get earned money or to be famous. You know the Aum Supreme Truth in Japan, Branch Davidian (I forgot the spell!!! Please correct it if I wrong.) etc. is current happenings. I wonder when somebody will use the Internet to do that. I think Heavensgate is Internet version of People's temple.

I've just gotten hold of the Catasexual Urge Motivation / Egrosid split cassette from Crust War Tapes in Australia. Please tell us about it. Why isn't this release mentioned in your Discography? What's the story behind the cover of Madonna's "Like A Virgin" you have featured on it?
I haven't received it yet. We don't count rehearsal tapes as our official releases. I'm not satisfied with the label's job. I think there will be one or two rehearsal tapes around but I haven't heard them. Do not buy it, hahaha. The idea of "Like A Virgin" cover is that Fuck You records wanted us to do a cover song but not Metal song. The offered us a cover song from pop music that should be re-arranged to extreme music. So I choose Madonna's song. I'm a music junkie and have listened to so many music genres. To play Metal cover song is really easy but to play pop song cover is very interesting because we changed (destroyed, if you ask me, hahaha) everything that original song has. As I said, the track will be featured on F.Y. records' comp. CD soon. Watch out. I think the cover version is really crazy. The most hyperultrasupergruesomedeathnoisegoremetal cover tune as far as I know. What do you think?

What are Catasexual Urge Motivation’s plans for the future? What merchandise do you have available? Last comments?
Soon to be out are "What do you kill for" cass. EP on Icy Illusions records (Czech) and split cass. EP with Negligent Collateral Collapse (Czech) on Bizarre Leprous prod. (Czech). Both material includes remastered tracks from "Fantasy Wants Victim...", never-released album and some extra new songs and remixes. And comp. CD's that I mentioned earlier will follow. After that, we should get a deal with good and trustworthy label for our second album which entitled as "Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law". I guess it will be out within 1998. It depends on label interest. The album will be the most definitely brutal Death Gore Metal. Can't wait to record it. The followings are currently available from the band:
'Rape Trauma Syndrome' demo '95...$3 (5 songs)
split demo with Goropsy' demo '96...$5 (9 songs)
split 7"ep with Squash Bowels...$6
split 7"ep with Slough...$6
'Satsujin Live' studio live session '96...$5 (17 songs)
'Shadows of Michelangelo' magazine comp. CD...$5
4 bands compilation 7"ep 'Hungry Urinary Urn'...$5
For our debut CD, order directly to Deliria productions (address above).
Thank you for this great interview, Chris. Really a great job. Very informative and well thought out questions. Thanx again. So long.
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