Another killer and criminally overlooked demo to come crawling out from the graveyard of the 1990's...

Lucifer's Hammer were a death/doom outfit formed in the late 80's in Michigan, this demo "The Burning Church" was their best output in my opinion.
Furious, chaotic DM in the vein of  Nuclear Death combined with bleak, atmospheric doom abstractions from beyond.....

For the Eternally Doomed ONLY!

SCHISMOPATHIC - Kharkharamaphatic Regurgitator demo 1989

Another underrated gem lost in time!
Hostile Polish Grind from '89!
For fans of Pungent Stench(early), Napalm Death, Terrorizer, Fear of God...

Listen and weep you modern grindcore frauds!


Below are some photographs I shot recently for my friends INVERLOCH and a preview clip from their upcoming full length on Relapse Records.

INVERLOCH is a Melbourne based band that includes two members from the pioneering death/doom outfit DISEMBOWELMENT.
INVERLOCH play doom drenched death metal that gives more than a firm nod to not only their own legacy but also to the much welcomed revival of the 1990's ambient doom sound.
Their new album 'Dusk... Subside' promises to be one of the few releases worth looking forward to in our present age that can still embody the atmosphere, heaviness and ultimate darkness of an era long past.

They will be playing Hellfest Festival and a bunch of European and UK dates this year, including performing their legendary album "Transcendence into the Peripheral" in its entirety at Roadburn Festival in the Netherlands this April.
Witness live or regret forever!!!!!