Most of you will (should!) already know the cult death/grind masters of the bizarre, Catasexual Urge Motivation. Throughout the 90’s these 2 Japanese murder-obsessed perverts produced some of the most original and insanely complex death/grind to date.Catasexual Urge Motivation is the true showcase of cruelty and bloodshed translated into music, music for serial killers!!!This interview was originally in 1997 by Chris for issue 4 of Subcide Zine(NZ) which never eventuated.
Please note - the contact and merch details at the end of this interview probably aren't relevant these days, so don't go sending your cash or love letters to any of the addresses below.

You have some really long and bizarre titles for some of your songs. Please give an explanation for each of the following titles and give a brief description of each of the songs lyrical content:
- The Man Who Aimed At Maximum Murder To The Greatest Pleasure
- He Shot Her Down And Ate Her Flesh, And Then He Said "Excuse Me For Living But I Preferred To Be Eaten Rather Than To Eat"
- I'll Confess Everything That I Have Ever Killed 5 People And One Was A Little Girl
- The Legacy Of A Serial Killer Lives On Forever Due To Their Uncanny Ability to Capture The Interests Of The Worlds Spectators Through The Extreme Quality, Quantity, Method, And Results Of Their Actions.

Okay, I will try. But most of our song titles talk about what the song contains in it when you read it. That's why they're quite long. Well, "The man..." is about a man who did that, hahaha. He wanted to have world's record of killing. We named it because the song fits for the title I guess. "He shot her down..." is about a Japanese cannibal called Issei Sagawa who killed (shot his gun) and ate Dutch exchange student (female, of course) in his Paris apartment in '81. This song is a kind of his confession that he wanted to eat her but his actual motive was to be eaten by women. He still wants to eat women. "I'll confess..." is not my idea and I don't know exact content. 99 % of lyrics were written by my younger brother in Japanese. This song is really weird and I asked him for a strange song title. I think the lyrical content of the song is related or similar to "He shot her down...” a confession of a serial killer. "The legacy of..." is our newer song that will be featured on our second album and the demo version is now on the 'Shadows of Michelangelo' magazine's compilation CD sampler. What I can say about the song is that just read it, feel it, take it and swallow it. Sorry that they're not brief descriptions as most of them were written in Japanese. Sometimes I sing in Japanese, sometimes not. It depends on what kind of mood I am in. It's really hard for us to say philosophical words in English, so Japanese parts remained that are about philosophy.

Please tell us about your current CD release "The Encyclopedia Of Serial Murders". Are you happy with the way it came out, production and recording wise? What sort of reaction and level of success has it gained? Are you happy with the promotion and distribution Deliria Productions have given it? Has the CD gained C.U.M. any interest from any other bigger recording labels? How can readers get hold of it?
At the time we recorded and mixed it, we were really pleased
with it. We re-recorded some of our previous songs because they're not as good as we wanted. And so production goes, too. We just wanted a very extreme album with sickness and heaviness. I honestly think we failed the production. Because we have now really good sound compare to the CD tracks. We think the CD is our best at the time, but not in the future. To be honest, we want to re-mix most of the songs and re-release it with new vocals on another label who might be interested in our second album or something. We think first album of a band is very regretful and we felt so. Probably I won't be satisfied with our second album, as I'm a perfectionist. It depends on how the label will support us to record it, financial and promotion wise I mean. We just gained with the album a debut. We've also released other several stuff but the main focus is albums. We haven't gained other than that. I think I'm not really happy with the promotion and distribution the label has given us. Frank of the label is my personal friend and I understand that he's many plans and his own life and of course busy. He's a dedicated and trustworthy guy but I think we won't release anything on the label as he hates Death fuckin' Metal but we're Death Metal. Hell no, we haven't have any other offers. We have now a new promo tape that contains brand new 5 songs and they will be featured on our second album, and let's see what happened with it in the future. The debut CD can be purchased from Deliria productions, c/o Frank Riesinger, Martin-Luther-Str.23, 71636 Ludwigsburg, Germany for Europe/$15, world/$18 (airmail) or $15 (surface). We don't have many copies left, so order directly to the label. Thank you.

Exactly who is "Cyber E.M.F/chaos"? Why is the brother of the Sadochist so perverted? Where does the drum machine come into all of this?
Cyber E.M.F. is our machine-made drummer. It's a machine but has attitude. I help the programming but the actual sound came out from within the box. Yeah, we're so perverted because we love fetishism, S/M art, torture, cannibalism, vampirism, bloodshed, bizarre tales, macabre story, etc. I like weird sex. To use drum machine is my idea and this way there will be less argument between members. We're two-piece and brothers, so there will be no line-up change. One more reason is that we're influenced by Industrial music rhythm-wise. That's why we use it.

In the year 1993 how exactly did Catasexual Urge Motivation go on a journey to search themselves and try to become the sickest band that ever existed?
Beyond description. That's why we're here and brutal and sick and heavy as fuck.

Your band bio mentions a number of already recorded releases that aren't out yet such as "Cyber Gore" an industrial album, another album called "Fantasy Wants Victim" and also a MCD of cover versions called "They Made Us Extremely Sick". Please tell us about each of these releases. What compilation tracks have you recorded and for what compilations were / are they recorded for?
"Cyber Gore" meant to be just a fun listen. At the time we recorded it, we're really into Industrial rhythm and we thought that if we re-arranged a normal Grind/Death song to very industrial oriented one, that would be cool and we like the idea. So far we've recorded 7 Industrial version songs for it but never sees the daylight because no one has been interested. Probably in the future, it will be released, at least I hope. But 'hope' is senseless. I hate 'hope'. Perhaps, there will be no hope. I don't know. "Fantasy Wants Victim..." compilation album was meant to be released on V. records but the label ripped us off. Also Gulli records offered us a deal but they also refused, as they're too busy. What a joke!!!! Both labels offered us but they quit to release it. I don't really mind because the album is just a compilation album recorded various dates/sound. It's not our second album. I'm sure the album won't be released. We also don't want to. It's too late to release it. We've progressed, and the songs on it we aren't really pleased with today. We used some tracks for upcoming cass. EP's. Cover MCD also was a plan. We asked to some labels with it but they didn't want to release cover album. We just wanted to say 'thank you' to those who we covered, they're innovators of Death/Grind. I don't know who will release it. Maybe not. It also was just fun to record them. Probably there will only be second album next time, I'm not sure. Compilation CD's that we contributed so far are: 'Shadows of Michelangelo' magazine comp. CD sampler (already out),
Ecocentric records comp. CD, Dolphins records comp. CD 'Stranger than Paradise pt.2' (two fuckin' years delay!!! but not out yet), Visceral productions comp. CD, Extremist records comp. CD, Fuck You records pop song cover comp. CD, and a couple more. All of the tracks are unreleased.

Early 1994, Catasexual Urge Motivation found a new dimension of sickness, morbid perversions, and ultimate gore in philosophical views, which strongly involved the following things. What do each of these things mean to you?
- Serial Killers:
I like serial killing more than mass murdering. We don't worship murderers and killers like most of bands that write about that. We're psychologists of murder and we perform psychological aspect only. Serial killers have most unique mind to do research for. I'm very interested in why they did it, what they thought, what was the motives, etc. Human beings are all slaughter and our history proves it. But modern crimes, especially serial killing is not really simple to talk about in a word. So that is a most definite topic.
- Mass Murderers: A man talked to himself about how many people have I killed. This is the reason he cannot count because he cannot stop killing. Murder is his life. To kill is to live. This also is very interesting as above.
- Sexual Homicide: Man killed woman because of his sexual desire. Murder is erotic. He knows it.
- Torture: To hear screaming of death is what I long for. It shivers me.
- Rape: This is not physical movement. To rape one's mind is the one I wanted to say. First the mind, second the body. Talk to her sweetly and give slow death with raping.
- Cannibalism: You know the ancient history. We ate each other at the time. But now? Religion doesn’t allow us to do that. Animals eat animals, and we should eat people. This is my opinion. And this is my opinion on cannibalism. It's not illegal.
- Vampirism: Believe it or not, I really wanted to become a vampire at my younger days. I was possessed. Vampire is my father. Blood is my mother. I am a vampire, too.
- Mutilation: Murder is art. What do you use when you draw or build a sculpture? Dead body just lying on the floor is not interesting to me. To make it better, that means to mutilate the body and create an original sculpture with the body. Human body is a canvas. You can paint it, cut and paste it, taste it, move it, and feel it.
- Sadism: Violence. Anger. Hatred.

You guys have a really cool Web Site "Murder Web" on the Internet. Please tell us about it.
We started it almost two years ago. Since then, I became an Internet junkie. It's not perfect yet. I'm studying about the Internet and web site. Our site is almost always under construction but stop by, if you dare. The world's most brutal site I'm sure. I've added to it an access counter in Feb. '97 and since then, nearly 5000 people have visited. I think our web site is not just a band's site. I also will start up a homepage building site called web TECH studio.

What is your opinion on the Heavensgate mass suicides? Where do you think the 38 dead are now that they're shed their human bodies? Who do you think was right, them or us?
I know of it but not exactly. There's always somebody using religion to get earned money or to be famous. You know the Aum Supreme Truth in Japan, Branch Davidian (I forgot the spell!!! Please correct it if I wrong.) etc. is current happenings. I wonder when somebody will use the Internet to do that. I think Heavensgate is Internet version of People's temple.

I've just gotten hold of the Catasexual Urge Motivation / Egrosid split cassette from Crust War Tapes in Australia. Please tell us about it. Why isn't this release mentioned in your Discography? What's the story behind the cover of Madonna's "Like A Virgin" you have featured on it?
I haven't received it yet. We don't count rehearsal tapes as our official releases. I'm not satisfied with the label's job. I think there will be one or two rehearsal tapes around but I haven't heard them. Do not buy it, hahaha. The idea of "Like A Virgin" cover is that Fuck You records wanted us to do a cover song but not Metal song. The offered us a cover song from pop music that should be re-arranged to extreme music. So I choose Madonna's song. I'm a music junkie and have listened to so many music genres. To play Metal cover song is really easy but to play pop song cover is very interesting because we changed (destroyed, if you ask me, hahaha) everything that original song has. As I said, the track will be featured on F.Y. records' comp. CD soon. Watch out. I think the cover version is really crazy. The most hyperultrasupergruesomedeathnoisegoremetal cover tune as far as I know. What do you think?

What are Catasexual Urge Motivation’s plans for the future? What merchandise do you have available? Last comments?
Soon to be out are "What do you kill for" cass. EP on Icy Illusions records (Czech) and split cass. EP with Negligent Collateral Collapse (Czech) on Bizarre Leprous prod. (Czech). Both material includes remastered tracks from "Fantasy Wants Victim...", never-released album and some extra new songs and remixes. And comp. CD's that I mentioned earlier will follow. After that, we should get a deal with good and trustworthy label for our second album which entitled as "Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law". I guess it will be out within 1998. It depends on label interest. The album will be the most definitely brutal Death Gore Metal. Can't wait to record it. The followings are currently available from the band:
'Rape Trauma Syndrome' demo '95...$3 (5 songs)
split demo with Goropsy' demo '96...$5 (9 songs)
split 7"ep with Squash Bowels...$6
split 7"ep with Slough...$6
'Satsujin Live' studio live session '96...$5 (17 songs)
'Shadows of Michelangelo' magazine comp. CD...$5
4 bands compilation 7"ep 'Hungry Urinary Urn'...$5
For our debut CD, order directly to Deliria productions (address above).
Thank you for this great interview, Chris. Really a great job. Very informative and well thought out questions. Thanx again. So long.
1-26-3-204, MIYAGI



The following Gehenna interview was conducted by Rob Nabbe from Insult/Skulhog a while ago, originally for his own printzine that hasn't quite eventuated as of yet. Needless to say I was more than happy to take it off his hands! Big thanks for this interview, and your generous donation to Vomitose 3 Rob!

Being one of my all-time favourite bands for about 11 years now, I’m very pleased to introduce you guys to Orange’s GEHENNA.
Rabid HC/Thrash with a violent and commanding live-presence.
Bow down before the seven crowns as vocalist Mike Cheese and I discuss nun-whores, hovercrafts and Turbojugend amongst other things.

Where to fucking start? How are you doing? If I had to believe all the rumours and gossip out there, you guys would either be dead or in jail somewhere. As a band and especially as a vocalist, GEHENNA has a violent reputation. Fights, stabbings…etc…
Would you like to comment on this subject-matter?

Fuck! Where do I start?!? I guess I'm doing alright. I've been staying high (from one thing or another) and managing to survive without too much along the lines of a job. So all in all I guess that's pretty good. I've been able to stay away from cops and out of jail. Most of the rest of the band has been doing the same. All of us have been working on other project bands, recording and stuff too. As far as the reputation and rumours about GEHENNA being a violent band...
The only thing I'll say about that is that life is violent. GEHENNA is just a direct representation of the violence in life. We don’t make music about "The Good Times" or the days that were the "Best of Times" or any of that stuff because those things in life are temporary. They are distractions from reality. And while everybody likes to feel good there are plenty of things that a person could take to distract them from life. Our music is based on the belief that violence and anger are far from being a rare phenomenon. They are the central and unavoidable parts of human nature and key pieces of human survival and existence.

I witnessed you guys play in Europe about 10 years ago and I can understand where those rumours are coming from. In a scene filled with spineless, wannabe thugs and tree-hugging hippies exchanging poetry and walking barefoot, a raw-ass Punk/Metal-band Like yourselves stands out musically and attitude-wise. Stuff like HELLHAMMER and GG ALLIN bizarrely come to mind when listening to GEHENNA.
Of course HELLHAMMER and G.G. ALLIN are huge influences!! So are bands like SARCOFAGO, INFEST, FU'S, and G.I.S.M.! All of those bands were devastating in every aspect. They all have had a huge impact on every member of GEHENNA and they still influence the music we write today.

GEHENNA shares it’s name with a bunch of Scandinavian Metal-bands.The overall grim vibe of your music can be compared to early ‘90s Black Metal stuff like DARKTHRONE and BURZUM. Do you think those bands have things in common with you guys?
It's funny that you say we "share" our name. We had it first and like I already told them, they are welcome to fight us for the name if they have the balls to. They wear dresses! What are they gonna do to us? Fuck them. I'll piss in their fucking faces.
We are the only GEHENNA that ever existed. Those fucking pussies are lame. As far as what we share with DARKTHRONE it is probably in the sound and feel because we listen to the same stuff. I'm sure Fenriz and Noturno Culto have really similar record collections. They also seem to write music the same way we do and have similar end results. I think they play live as much as we do too.

Wehehehe!! I recently read this book dealing with that whole scene (‘Lords of Chaos’) and that BURZUM-clown is definitely fucked in the brain. Believing there’s some sort of connection between aliens and the Aryan race. What about the link between nun-whores and hovercrafts? Do you think they are as menacing as the media wants us to believe?
I think Varg Vikernes wrote some great music at one time. I think his big mistake though was that he believes that one race of people is better than another which is ridiculous. All people are shit. For him to make the weakest electronic shit music now as a reaction to how much he hates "Non-White Music" proves he is fucking confused. It is kind of funny though. It's like he realized how many dorks and losers liked his band and he did everything he could to insult them. That is funny as fuck. I kind of like him a lot for that, but the new music does suck. But the thought of making the worst shit records to make money of off idiots is funny.
It's like Seth from ANAL CUNT's band VAGINAL JESUS. Funny shit. As far as the link between aliens and Aryans go, I think they are quite similar in the fact that neither of them exist. There is no such thing as a human of pure Aryan bloodline. And there is no such thing as alien life. Which is the same as nun-whores and Hovercraft. They both exist and are key pieces to the sexual dreams of every man and woman on the planet. But that is because the media makes nun-whores out to be much more slutty than they really are in day to day life.

Whatever… Can we expect GEHENNA to release any new shit or Tour Europe soon? It’s been way too long.

Touring won’t happen, cause we are only in the same city to practice and record for about 2 weeks one time every two years. One member of the band lives in Reno Nevada, another in Phoenix Arizona, another in Portland, Oregon, On in Santa Cruz, California, and I live in the city of Orange, California. So the shortest distance between any of us is a 5 hour car ride. So we never practice unless we are going to record. And playing live sucks too. I hate going to places and sitting around hearing stupid bands and hearing stupid kids talk about stupid things. I hate trying to get paid after the show. I hate all of that shit. I'd rather just record music and release records. Then I don’t have to deal with that shit. We are working on some new stuff right now. I got a tape in the mail of 3 new songs recently so we should have something on the way pretty soon.

Talking about Europe. You’ve recently made a trip overseas involving the WELTTURBOJUGENDTAGE, am I correct? I found out by accident that you’re a member of the Jugend-chapter of Orange County. Tell us about that and why people should give one flying fuck about TURBONEGRO (besides the fact that ‘ASSCOBRA’ and ‘APOCALYPSE DUDES’ are briliant).
Yeah, I've spent about 4 months on and off in Europe between March 2004 and May 2005. I spent most of my time in Madrid, Spain. But I also went to both WELTTURBOJUGENDTAGE ..1 and WELTTURBOJUGENDTAGE ..2.
I'm in TURBOJUGEND ORANGE. I'm not in that bullshit-assed ORANGE COUNTY shit club. ORANGE COUNTY is a fake chapter full of Christian wimps and Jesus freak- nerds. TURBOJUGEND ORANGE is all guys who hate the fuck out of religion.
Fuck the county! The city of ORANGE is all that will ever matter!! Let those county sissies go to church and suck shit for a living. TJ ORANGE will be at the bar, or the record shop!!! Personally I don’t care if people like TURBONEGRO or not.
I like them because they are great people and great musicians (yes even Hank) who seem to get better with every record. Have you heard the new one (at that time), PARTY ANIMALS? Just a bunch of songs.
It’s fucking flawless!! They mix a ton of great stuff together and come out with one of the best records of the year! Any band that can do that and still stay true to themselves are inspiring to me. Like NIFELHEIM for example. I've always thought they were the best Metal band because every one of their records is increasingly devastating! When I saw them live at the Sweden Rock-fest in 2004, I was completely fucking blown away! Now I'm positive and will say without a question that in my opinion NIFELHEIM are the best Metal band playing music right now!

That’s cool…Never really looked into NIFELHEIM, but than again I’m not into Black metal. Who seems to be into Black metal, is Hank von Helvete. What the fuck is up with his make-up?? Kinda looks like Alice Cooper wearing a couple of widespread assholes around the eyes!!
I'm not too sure what's up with Hank’s make-up, you'll have to ask him.
I like those guys a lot though. They are all really good guys to hang out with and they all like great music. Just ask Tom about the GETO BOYS. Or talk with Chris about THE CRO-MAGS ‘Age Of Quarrel’ LP, or with Knut about AGENT ORANGE. Those guys are all fun guys to drink with too. And they didn't even give me any static about smoking crack either. You can’t beat that

Can we ever expect GEHENNA to perform live completely denim-clad with sailor-hats and shit? That would be good for a giggle!!
No!! That will never happen. I'm the only guy in the band that is in the TURBOJUGEND. I think everybody in the band likes the music, but I'm the only JUGEND member. I know for a fact that everybody in the band enjoys rock and roll.

Since R’N’R is all about sex, drugs and violence. You seem to be the party-type. Alcohol, weed and cigarettes are my weapons of choice. Rumour has it you guys had a bit of a rumble at a show in Belgium with some Hardline Straight edge-crew, because you guys broke ‘The Edge’.
Yeah!! Drugs, booze, and cigarettes are some of the best things that ever happened to me too!! A lot of sXe kids took that shit personally though, but I don’t give a shit. Kids make up bullshit stories all of the time. Nothing really bad ever happened at all in the U.S. or Europe. Sure, I bashed in some kid’s face or a guitar hit a guy or whatever, but most of that shit is all rumours... I guess in all of those rumours there is some truth in them. No one has ever tested GEHENNA without getting fucked up. So to all of the "chat room historians" talking about how they're "gonna shoot me for beating their friend’s brother", think about it first before you try to test my knuckle-game. I've never really cared about going to jail or if the planet has one more newly maimed, or crippled or scarred up motherfucker on it. I don’t care about sexism, so I WILL beat your girlfriend or sister up too. Think about it. What is a computer-geek gonna do to a guy who is wired on speed and numbed up on PCP, that has no reason to live??? Nothing! Stay at home or in your seat in the restaurant or on the other side of the club.
You don’t want to get hurt or fucked up!!

Settle down, homeboy!! Wehehehehe!! Punk rock is getting way too fucking soft these days. The element of fear is totally missing at shows. As a young kid it was fucking exciting and scary to go to Punkrock-shows.
The big Skinhead and scary Punk-types are replaced by Spock-haircuts, sandals, backpacks and rich-kid gangster clowns practising the latest Mosh moves in front of their whore-mom’s mirror. Do you still feel related to this scene at all?

Without a question Punkrock has gotten too soft. But fuck, Metal is too soft now. Rap is too soft now. Everything is too safe. All of the bands look the same and sound the same. It's so safe and contrived it is fucking pathetic. That is why I don’t even want to play live. People don’t even deserve the pleasure of seeing GEHENNA. Bands don’t even get the chance to hear our shit and try to understand it any more. So that is why I can’t relate to almost anything anymore. I think anyone that likes GEHENNA will understand that.
If not then fuck them!!

Years ago you were doing this little record-label called REVOLUTIONARY POWER TOOLS. Are you still involved in releasing new talent? And more importantly…Is there any talent left out there? Any cool bands we should know about?
I'm not releasing records on the label anymore, but if I were there are only a few records I would want to do. Bands like CITY SCUM, the ORPHANS, VAGRANT VINNIE AND THE INSTIGATORS, are all great Punk rock bands. TAFKATA, LANDMINE MARATHON, BEYOND THE GRAVE, are all really ugly violent sounding bands. And the PLAYERS CLUB is the best classic Rock and roll band I've seen in a long time. The BINDLE STIFFS are a great Country and western band, I loved seeing them live. My friend Flo from Austria and I went to go see a surf band called the DUO TONES that were fucking amazing!!!
I like checking out new bands but I hate scenes and shows, cause most of the bands out there suck.

Right, get ready for this one. If you would be a fucking superhero Mexican wrestler fighting prehistoric Japanese beasts and ex-girlfriends. Who would you be and what special powers/weapons would you benefit from in battle?
Don’t give me that crap about leather moustaches or sailor-hats!!

That is a tough question!! I guess I'd have some magic dust I would inhale through my nose to turn me into a tireless fighting machine. Or alcohol-acid vomit and blinding clouds of menthol smoke. I guess I'd be called something like THE SUBSTANCE ABUSER.

Right, good answer. Mike, I would like to thank you for your time.
Is there anything you would like to add here? Any diseases we should definitely catch? Declarations of war, love or any bogus religion you’d like to promote?

Get fucked up, and show no remorse!!
Cheers, man. Take it sleazy and catch ya later.

Since this interview took place a while ago, I can inform you guys that GEHENNA has started playing shows again. They’ve already done an American tour about a month ago and is about to release splits with the likes of REPROACH and CALIFORNIA LOVE.


Despite long periods of inactivity and only 5 releases since 1988- ABRAMELIN, formerly “ACHERON” were one of Australia's most legendary Death Metal bands. Chris Vomitfiend interviewed vocalist Simon Dower about Australia’s historic Death Metal scene, and how Abramelin made their mark.

It’s been almost 7 years since the release of your last album ‘Deadspeak’, although ABRAMELIN has never been known for regular releases. Is the band now a rotten corpse or should we expect to see another album in 3 or 4 years time? In 2002, the last time I saw you, you mentioned that ABRAMELIN were going to record another album and do a tour. What happened to that?
To my knowledge Abramelin is well n truly a maggot-riddled corpse, quietly decaying beneath the earth… sorry, got stuck in lyric-mode. Ah yeah, it’s all over as far as I know. I really don’t know what happened? We did the Cradle of Filth national tour and then we just sort of lost contact with each other, there was never a final decision made that the band was over, it just sort of fizzled away…

What are you thoughts on ‘Deadspeak’? Do you prefer its more professional sound over the rougher sound of the older ones? Why wasn’t the usual ABRAMELIN logo used on the cover?
I wasn’t very happy with it to tell you the truth. I liked it pre-mastering but I thought they mastered it way to loud and it distorts on most stereos. I also thought it was a little too clean and sterile, our music always sounded so much better live in my opinion. We decided to change the logo for no particular reason, the artist came up with that design and we were happy to do something a little different. At least it gave people half a chance of working out what we were actually called, I was quite shocked to find out that not everyone is well schooled in reading death metal.

Going back to the ACHERON days; the change from the ‘Eternal Suffering’ demo to the ‘Deprived of Afterlife’ 7”, released only 2 years later, was pretty noticeable. What influenced the band to change like this?
I think learning how to play our instruments and sing helped a lot. At that time we were all listening to early demos of Carnage, Entombed, Grave, Morbid Angel, etc., all of which had a definite influence on our song writing and overall sound, that and just the natural progression of the band’s direction.

Rather than just random, nonsense lines thrown together, which is something I hate about a lot of bands’ lyrics, yours are like short stories. Have you ever thought about writing a horror novel?
Why thank you, I’m glad somebody noticed. I used to spend ages writing and researching my lyrics, yet, ironically, being a death metal vocalist, most people had no idea what I was saying (unless they had a CD sleeve). I have always been an avid reader of horror fiction (Brian Lumley, James Herbert, Graham Masterton, early Clive Barker, Lovecraft, etc.) as well as a keen collector of horror films from all over the world, these two elements provided more than enough influence for the lyrics I wrote, so you are quite correct in saying that they were like stories… that’s exactly where they came from.

On the topic of horror, I know you’re a massive horror movie maniac. What are some of your favourites and why?
Here we go, I hate being asked this question. Not because it’s predictable but just because it’s such a hard one to answer. It’s like saying, “You’re really into music. What’s your favourite song?” Let’s just say that I have been consistently watching horror films for 30 years and am not about to stop. I have no idea how many I have seen and have many favourites for different reasons. I will say though that one of the best I’ve seen in recent years is the UK film, The Descent. Now there’s a real horror flick.

I heard that Peaceville showed some interest in the band at one stage? Is this true? Did any other larger overseas labels ever contact you too, other than Repulse Records?
Yeah the Peaceville thing rings a bell, not sure what happened there. Repulse ripped us off. The good folk at Relapse helped us move a few copies in The States and my friends at Nuclear Blast & Century Media helped us out in Europe but that was about it from memory.

Quite a few ABRAMELIN reviews I’ve read said that had you come from a country like America, rather than from Australia where you didn’t receive the same exposure, you would have been more popular. Were you happy being an underground band or would you have liked ABRAMELIN to become one of the better known Death Metal bands?
Yeah, I’ve heard that from a few folk, especially o/s. I’m sure that if we were located o/s that we would have developed into something bigger n better but we weren’t and we didn’t. Personally, Abramelin was always a hobby for me, I never really had any great aspirations to be a big rock star, I wouldn’t have been in a death metal band for starters if I did. I also love Melbourne to bits and had no interest in re-locating myself o/s just to see the band progress. In answer to your question, I would have liked to have seen the CDs do a little better o/s but I was never really up for getting over there and promoting them.

ABRAMELIN and ACHERON played with some of the biggest Death Metal bands to tour Australia. Who was your favourite to support and why? Do you have a favourite local gig or festival that you played?
Yeah, there were a few really good ones. I’d say the friendliest guys we played with would have to have been Cathedral & Napalm Death, both crews were very relaxed, did not have their heads up their butts and were happy just to chill out and have a beer. On the other side of things, the least favourite artists we toured with Cradle of Filth (well, just the singer) and Paradise Lost, who thought they were of U2’s status and way better than anybody else. Most other bands were somewhere in between.

How did you discover metal? Which bands got you into it and what drew you to them? Is it considerably different to what you are listening to these days?
My first delving into the dark side was when I got Kiss’ Destroyer, followed by Dynasty in the late 70’s. Not to long after that I purchased Iron Maiden’s Number of the Beast in ‘82 and it was on, everything after that had to be heavier, nastier, faster, etc. Not too long after that it was Halloween, Kreator, Bathory, Sodom, Destruction and what ever else was going on in Europe at the time. By the late 80’s I was heavily involved in the underground death metal demo audio tape trading scene. My god, cassettes! Remember those? And doing it all by snail mail, no e-mail back then kids and definitely no downloading! The rest sort of went from there. What am I listening to these days? I don’t listen to too much metal these days apart from a bit of Entombed, Acid Bath and a few other old favourites. I tend to listen to a lot more electronic and other unusual genres but never anything mainstream.

How did ACHERON originally come together? Were there any disagreements on what type of metal to play?
Acheron was originally formed in 1988 by myself and a bunch of other local guys from the metal scene, a group of like minded folk who just wanted to get a metal band going. I don’t think there was ever to many disagreements on the type of metal, we just wanted it to be as heavy, fast and nasty as we could possibly make it. That’s normal isn’t it?

Have you ever been a part of any other bands other than ABRAMELIN / ACHERON, either permanent or even just session?
Yeah, and sharing band members is a pain in the butt, ask anyone. We had the guitarist from Necrotomy and the drummers from Damaged & Blood Duster. None of them ever worked out although Matt from BD was with us for a while.

Some of your lyrics are based on Hell and being dead. What do you think happens when you die?
I think that we spend eternity floating around on cloud playing shit religious tunes on a harp at passers by. Well, that’s hell, as far as heaven goes… Seriously though, I’m a believer in karma and reckon that we’re here till we get it right, however many times it may take. After that…

You would have been into metal for a while before Black Metal really took off in the early 90s. What did you think of all that? Did the ignorance of Black Metal vs. Death Metal piss you off? I read in an interview with DECEASED from about ‘93 where Mike mentioned that a “Black Metal Mafia” had sent death threats to bands like DISMEMBER, ENTOMBED and UNLEASHED. I wonder if they were even aware that some of the Norwegian Black Metal bands they loved so much started off playing Death Metal and bands like DARKTHRONE love stuff like AUTOPSY, NIHILIST (Swe) and old DEATH.
I was a HUGE Bathory fan in the late 80’s so I wasn’t really taken by surprise at the whole black metal explosion. What I didn’t like about it though was that that crew bought a lot of violence, religion & politics into a scene that was all about horror fantasy. I never got the Black vs Death metal; I found the whole thing VERY immature and saw a lot of friendships destroyed by it, some with myself included. Many (not all) of the BM crew started taking themselves way too seriously and forgot about all the fun, the reason why they should have been there in the first place. I think that some really good BM evolved out of all the trash that flooded the market around that time though but I was never really a fan of the genre. Not brutal enough I say, I like always liked it deep, dark, guttural and gory. There’s no room for politics & religion in metal as far as I’m concerned, let alone tinny guitars, corpse paint and over sized codpieces.

What are some of the rarest and most prized possessions you own, metal related or otherwise? I’m pretty jealous of that old GRAVE shirt you’re wearing in the picture on the back of the ACHERON 7”, although I’m sure it gets even better than that.
Not much these days I’m afraid. When I was right into the whole tape trading thing I used to write to a lot of bands and get all sorts of shit sent my way. I had merch personally sent to me from Entombed, Amorphis, Grave. OLD and a host of other bands. It was always like a bit of a competition in the Melbourne metal scene as to who had the rarest shirt. Pretty funny stuff when you see most people doing the opposite in other scenes. My real prized collectable stuff was always my horror movie poster collection and horror film models that I made.

The cover art for the ‘Deprived of Afterlife’ 7” and ‘Eternal Suffering’ demo are fucking killer! I’m guessing you drew the ABRAMELIN and ACHERON logos too? Do you still draw often? Did you ever do artwork for other bands?
Thanks for that. Yeah, as well as watching horror, writing about horror, singing about horror and reading horror I used to like to draw a lot of horror too. Can you tell that I went to a private Catholic school? Does it really show? Ha ha ha. Apart from doing cover art, gig flyers and what ever else was required for us I also did a shirt for Melbourne band Disembowelment. I also drew up some pics for a 7” and a couple of demo covers for international bands, I can’t remember their names though.

I’ve been told that you once posted a shit to a member of the American ACHERON. Is that true?! You must have some other hilariously sick or macabre stories that you could tell.
Posted a turd to The States ya reckon? I know it was pretty hard for Chapelle Corby to get pot through customs in Bali, I could only imagine that you’d have to package a turd very carefully so as to not attract the attention of sniffer dogs or anyone else for that matter. I’ve never heard that one before Chris, where did you hear it? Hilariously sick macabre stories? Yeah there’s a few but nothing I’m proud of or would like to mention.

Alright mate, thanks a lot for answering these questions! Any last words?
I can only imagine that a few people would say something along these lines but that is undoubtedly the best bunch of questions I have ever been asked in an interview in my entire musical career. It’s a pleasure to talk to someone who has clearly done some research and knows what the hell they are talking about. Thanks very much and best of luck with the mag.


With a staunch background in unadulterated blastasfuk grindcore, The Kill has most definitely set the standard for “Australian Grind” in general, not to mention every band that has followed in their absence. Surprisingly, The reunion of The Kill doesn’t make me nervous like most of the bands that have been reuniting lately, Roby is far too much of a old skool stickler to be swayed by hip hop beats and porno samples. After what seems like forever it’s good to know that the unfortunate spastics (mainly me it would seem!) who missed the boat to see these guys live when they were still around will finally have the chance to have my skull ripped apart this year by these mad cunts!After 3 years 6ft under., guitarist Roby gives us the last word in GRINDCORE.

First off, The Kill have already split up 3x, so what do we have to get rid of you guys for good? Why did The Kill get started again? Why didn’t you just start a new project?
Ok, well for your information woman, The Kill split twice. Originally The Kill was just Jay & my self. It would be stupid to grind under a different name.

Can you give us a brief history of the band so far? Whats the actual lineup now?
Jay/Drums, Roby/Guitar & Neil ‘Undinism’ Vokills on the Demo 2000 recording, Jay/Drums, Roby/Guitar & Tony ‘Blood Duster Vokills on the Soundtrack….. 2002 recording.
The current line up:
Jay/Drums, Roby/Guitar & Fresh Face… Nik ‘Super Fun Happy Slide’ Vokills.

After the last breakup, you auditioned drummers from as far away as the Blue Mountains, Did you ever get any people seriously wanting to try out from overseas?
I had a couple of guys try out on drums & young Jordan from NSW was so determined to drum for us… We had jammed twice within a few months but unfortunately he couldn’t pull it off. He was an excellent drummer, but wouldn’t have been the right man to fill Jay’s shoes. He tragically passed on a little while back. Jordan Overlunde (R.I.P). As for overseas drummer’s… well, that was more or less just bull shit talk through email. I doubt anyone was really ever serious. If Australia wasn’t located on the arse end of the world, there would have been a few good drummers try out back then.

Will Neil have any involvement in this reunion?
I doubt it, though it would be a good idea to see if he wanted to scream a few abusive lines the next time we record.

Neil wrote your previous lyrics. Are you including lyrics in the new material? Who’s writing them? Are you gonna rip off aWhitesnake song this time around?
Nik writes pretty much everything now, & has the same outlook on life as Neil did when he was on vokills. It has taken a huge amount of pressure off both Jay & I now not having to worry about the band being completely different lyrically. At once stage we were going to do the vokills ourselves, & just not play any shows. On the last recording we both did vokills in many tracks with lyrics already written. But if we had to come up with the lyrics for these new songs, The Kill would have been delayed for another 5 years! As for using GNR lyrics back then, well that was just a thing we thought was funny at the time. But I doubt that would ever happen again, unless we become desperate.

What other projects have you guys been doing while The Kill has been out action? Any news with these bands that’s worth repeating?
Both ‘Jesus’ Christoph / Roskopp & I were jam’n a bit at one stage, but it was too much of a head fuck coming all the way to St. Kilda once a week. He actually helped me compose a few songs that Jay & I are using now in The Kill. Of course, they are a little different, but he will still recognize them once they are recorded. I would love to do something with Christoph some day. But he needs to get his drivers licence…

Has being in so many different bands/taking up a lot of time made it hard for either you or Jay to find time for The Kill??
Jay has sacrificed heaps of his TV time for The Kill this year. We jam approximately once a week now & it’s not as much of a struggle for him anymore since his become a skinny cunt. But still… He is a fucking lazy cunt!

What’s your opinions on the state of Australian grind in 2006/7? Any favourite local bands?
Ha.. I’m rarely at shows these days, so I haven’t seen a few of the latest local grind bands. Now living the family life & paying off a mortgage, it takes up a lot of my time. So on weekends I just wanna chill, stay home, watch movies, listen to music, drink beer, red wine & hang out with my family. When I did get out last, Die Pigeon Die took me by surprise. One of the heaviest live bands I’ve seen at the Arthouse in a long time. They were so loud it vibrated the shit out of my chest, but the songs were so brutal & catchy I had to stay positioned where I was hanging for a leak & put up with the pain until the set was over!
Still, by far the two best bands in ‘Oz are Roskopp & Captain Cleanoff!

Do you feel any pressure as the main songwriter to live up to the old tunes?
At one stage yeah! I couldn’t come up with any riffs at all, & it was driving me mad & then I couldn’t stop writing new tunes that I thought were good for The Kill... Obviously as we get older we start to experiment a little more, but at the same time I try to keep it within its boundaries & not become too metal & stay true to grindcore.

What are your personal influences? Favourite albums of all time?
Hellnation – Thrashwave
Magnacite – Safety in the work place
Pig Destroyer – Explosions in ward 6
Slayer – Reign in Blood, South of Heaven & Seasons
Brutal Truth – first 2
Catheter – Preamble to Oblivion
324 – Customized Circle
AxCx – 40 more reasons to hate us
Assuck – Anticapital & Misery Index
Napalm Death – Peel Sessions, Scum & From Enslavement…..
Agoraphobic Nosebleed – Honkey Reduction & Frozen Corpse stuffed with dope
Exhumed/Hemdale – In the name of gore
Squash Bowels/Disgorge split
Dead Infection – A chapter of Accidents
Gruesome Stuff Relish – Last man in gore
Sanity’s Dawn – Mangled in the meat grinder
Captain Cleanoff – Everything!
Ingrowing – Suicide binary reflections
Discordance Axis – Jouhou & Ulterior
Retaliation – The Execution
Last Days of Humanity side of the stoma split
Blood Duster – Fisting the dead
Regurgitate- Carnivorous Erection
Hutt – Miseravel & Sessao Descarrego
Demolition Hammer – Epidemic of Violence & Tortured Existence
Cadaver Inc – Discipline
Sepultura – Beneath the Remains & Arise
Deicide - Deicide & Legion
Black Sabbath – All up until the last two with Ozzy.
Kill the Client – Wage Slave
Excruciating Terror – Expression of Pain & Divided we Fall
Damaged – Do not spit & Passive back seat demon engines
Birdflesh – Night of the Ultimate Mosh
Engorged – Death Metal Attack 2
Morbid Angel – Blessed Are the Sick & Altars of madness
Dahmer – Everything!
Denak – Grindcore 10”
Agoraphobic Nosebleed – Demo 7”
Plutocracy/DxAx 7”
Exhumed/Retaliation 7”
Captain Cleanoff – both 7”
Noisear/Parade of the lifeless 7”
Avulsion – Green Scare 7”
Hemdale/Exit 13 7”
Kalibas – Eyes red 7”
Unholy Grave – Victimized 7”
Emetic/Gory Melanoma 7”
Warsore – All 4 ep’s with Den on vokills
Exhumed – All 5 ep’s with Ross on both vokills & Bass
Looking For An Answer on both splits 7”s with Comrades & Overpowering
Anal Cunt – Defenders of the hate 7”
Etc, etc…

You’re also the man behind BlastasFuk records, you give us some info on what releases you’ve got, and what you’ve got coming up with BlastasFuk?
BAF grindcore is a small label I do on the side with my spare time. I try to only stock blast material! But the idea has offended a few people over the years when working out trades. I haven’t really gone the hack with it due to being flat out with everything else, but it’s something I really love to do when I can. Trading vinyl preferably over plastic is a bonus for me, but I just can’t afford to press vinyl yet. Maybe one day soon.
So far I released:
BAF001 UNDINISM- Live At The Green Room 01.05.04 DVD SOLD OUT
I thought this show being their first show back in many years deserved to be seen
Everywhere, not just in Melbourne.
I have been a fan of these lad’s for many years, thanks to Andy/Mortville & when
we were finally in contact after finding out they were back in action, it was the first thing I asked em! Not many bands I knew from New Mexico back then played grindcore this extreme, & not being a porn gore grind band, I knew once these guys were on a few more labels everyone would love em. They just released a new CD on RSR too… So check it out if ya dig music like Assuck, Laughing Dog, Discordance Axis etc….
I met Toshinori when he came here filling in on guitar for Unholy Grave, Being so friendly, he gave me some Gate merchandise, & I never heard em before. I contacted him straight away, after listening to his band & I asked if I could release something of theirs straight away! They are a two piece Japanese grind project with no remorse, just flooded with blast beats & distortion. Who also sound a little like Assuck with Terrorizer style vokills.. Killer fucking band!’

Bryan got a little lazy staying in contact with me so he passed me onto Dorian the guitarist in Noisear who was on line more often. We got along like a house on fire & stayed in contact on a regular basis. Pretty much organised another Noisear
Blastasfuk release straight away.
This recording is a lot more raw & noisy, compared to the MCD… Fast & Technical Grindcore that flows…

One of my all time favourite bands! Thanks to Christoph who showed me their demo knowing I would die on my arse. Then of course I emailed em & harassed the shitout of Marcelo until they recorded.
Hutt’s style is unique… They play really fast music, with a lot of catchy build up’s, Grindcore that differs from the rest! True Brazilian Kings!
Coming soon / 2008:
HATRED SURGE – Discography CD
HUTT – Full length CD

A while back there were whispers of an Openwound reunion, or at least playing a couple of shows. Is there any truth to that? If so, Is this still likely to happen?
Maybe… That all depends of Fab!

When do you guys expect to be ready to play live shows? Have you got any special plans for your first show back?
December the 1st with CAPTAIN CLEANOFF, ROSKOPP & DIE PIGEON DIE! Plus we have a few booked early next year.

Will The Kill eventually go overseas? Are you gonna play Obscene someday or what?
Maybe not! We’ve had a few people email us, but nothing promising. We need to record more first I think. Only having the two recordings, we can’t really expect much. Though it would be great to meet all the people overseas I’ve been in contact with throughout the years.

What’s the new material sounding like? Does it differ from the old stuff? Are you consciously trying to write in the same style as before??
The same… More like the last recording, just more riffs, more blast beats & more Crazy vokills.

Do you think there’s gonna be a massive backlash when people find out you’re using double kicks?
We’re not! I managed to talk Jay out of using those fucking dbl pedals not too long ago. Jay’s more of a punk influenced drummer. There for we will now stay a Single Pedal Metal unit.

Was it a choice to have one guitarist, and no bassplayer? Will it stay this way?
Yeah! I love the sound of a noisy bass, like Warsore in the early days, But I have no time to sit down & teach someone riffs. I’m very impatient when it comes to shit like that! I think being a three piece with no bass is what makes The Kill different! Plus I think it would sound all over place if we did try out a bass player, & he or she would have to follow Jay not me. It would be a shambles. Fuck that!

Will all three of you guys continue to do vocals? Will you do it live as well?
Live, not as much, when we record yes… Gang vokills are a must!

What plans do you have for the new material? I’ve heard you’ve already got a couple of splits lined up, how did these get hooked up and what label will they be released on?
Ok, So far we have over 25 new tracks & half with vocals. At one stage we were going to do two split 7” ep’s with Regurgitate & Hellnation. But Rikard /RGTE hasn’t emailed me about this is ages & Doug tells me Hellnation won’t be ready for a long time… So we’re starting to concentrate on two other split 7” ep’s with both Insect Warfare on 625 & Captain Cleanoff on Haunted Hotel! The rest of the tunes will be recorded for a CD/LP.

Whats the deal with THE KILL live DVD? Any idea when this will be released?
Still waiting on my long time internet pal Mr. Sebastian Rokicki of Antigama to finish off all the editing etc… Their no great rush really & I don’t want to pressure the bloke. And I think Karol/SMG is looking into releasing it now too.?
It should be pretty good, cause it has footage from when we first started with Andy/Mortville down from the states filming our jam… ha!

Are there any dream bands you’d ideally like to do splits or play with? Have you had any cool offers?
Yes! Of course!!! Anal Cunt, Cause I know how much they hate being asked to do splits! Or even better… If SLAYER had some unreleased trax left over from the Reign In Blood recording for split 7 inch ep.

That’s it! Cheeeeers Roby! The below space is yours for whatever you feel like sayin..
Eric/Torture Garden Picture Company is currently working on The Kill 12” LP 2000 – 2002 discography. This will consist of both the Demo &The Soundtrack to your violence MCD.
Plus Dave & Christoph/No Escape are also releasing the CD version. Both will have different artwork & of course the LP version will be Limited………. That’s it!
Thanks again Rebecca.


There’s been a few changes since I last interviewed Rob from Dutch HorrorGore Maniaxe Skullhog (formally known as Bile). Heres the lowdown on all the new shit going down and coming up in the Skullhog pigpen, and finally the real story behind the name change.

Yo Rob, Hows the ankle dude?? Thanks for doing ANOTHER interview for Vomitose Zine !
Rebecca, thanks for having us again. The ankle is still fucked up. Next week the stitches might be removed and I'll get plaster for about 6 to 8 weeks. After that period I will receive walk-plaster, which I will be allowed to stand on and move around a bit.
So yeah, basically I'm fucked for a good 2 months in total. The metal plate shall remain in my foot along with a cool-ass war scar. Lesson learned? Yeah!! My age, a dance floor and an abundance of alcohol do not mix!!!!
Having that said, I was probably the 'lucky' one that got off with only a broken ankle.
It happened during a Negative approach reunion-show in Antwerp (Belgium) and I'll tell ya....
This was absolutely THE most brutal show I've ever been to. 12 ambulances showed up for a 30 minute set. Broken limbs, slashed faces and even a poor kid that is probably completely paralyzed for life.

Well, I guess we might as well get this question out of the way first up.. RE: The Name Change.
What’s the full story behind all that shit? Its been a while since you changed your name from Bile to Skullhog. Still happy with decision to change the name?? Do you think Skullhog is a better fit for you guys or was it just a matter of choosing something else as quick as possible etc?

Well, douche bags are spreading rumours on the internerd that we've had our name changed because the NY Industrial band BILE was gonna sue us for the name, but this is just a load of crap. I don't even think they know about our existence at all. We've changed the name because people often confused both bands with each other. If you download some of our tracks on-line you will even find our tracks in that other band’s download lists and that's not good for anybody.
We've just wanted to start off fresh with a new name and after a long and painful search we finally settled for SKULLHOG.

So what else is new in the Skullhog pigpen?? What have you guys got coming up in the near future?
As you know we're gonna be dropping about six split releases with bands we like or are friends with (or both) and somewhere in between the release of those splits, we'll be doing a new album for No Escape records.
First up will be split 7"es with REGURGITATE and COFFINS. After that we'll be releasing the looooooooooooong awaited split 10" with Aussie cockslappers BLOODDUSTER and a split CD with Dutch Gore metallers BLOODBASTARD.
After that we'll be doing the new album and give birth to our final splits, a split CD with ACCEPT DEATH and a split 7" with your boys in ROSKOPP.
All of which are gonna be fucking cool and we can't wait to record and release every single one of them......No, we're NOT AGATHOCLES!!
This didn't happen on purpose.

Howd the split with BloodDuster get hooked up? Alot of people seem to have lost interest in their newer material - Do you dig the grind N roll style they seem to be known for these days?? Will this have any influence on the Skullhog side of things??
Didn't we talk about this shit last time? Anyways, we played a few shows together and thought it might be a good idea to do a split 10". No, their 'new' sound does not change things for us at all. I'd have to say we're really digging their Grind 'n' roll stuff to be honest. And even if they played fucking ska or Pop-punk tunes on their side of this split, we'll just do what we always do.

Will you be carrying on with horror themes on these records? Any idea what movies you'll use at this stage?
Yeah, we'll keep the Horror/Slasher themes going strong on our upcoming releases. We do have some ideas of what movies to use and have used a particular movie as inspiration for the recordings that are gonna be used on the split with RGTE.
I can't go and spoil the surprise here, so I'm not gonna give away anything at all. You'll dig it though.....No doubt!!

Any truth to the rumour you guys will be covering a Michael-J/Paul McCartney-esque "The Girl is Mine" duet with Roskopp for your upcoming split?
Those ROSKOPP-cats can't keep a secret or what? Who told you about this? I even used some BRONSKI D-BEATS for this track. Fuck this...The surprise is ruined!! Back to the drawing board.

Have you decided what track you guys will cover for the Iron Monkey Tribute? Can you give us some info about this release?
Of course we have. It's already recorded and mixed. It will be send over to Justin (IRON MONKEY) this month. We've chosen the song 'Fink dial' from their debut album since that's what started it all. To this day they are still one of my favourite bands and I'm stoked Justin asked us to participate. This tribute album will be packed with solid and brutal Doom/Sludge bands.........And us. Wehehehehehe!! Can't really give away any of the other bands yet because I dunno how 'secret' the line-up still is. More about this one later. I think the tribute album will be released around July. Oh yeah!! I'm doing the cover artwork for this one as well. It's looking ace so far.

Your newest song "Dead Stare" for the upcoming Regurgitate split sees a bit of a variation in style for you guys, particularly with the use of Pitchshifter.. What made you guys decide to cut down on using shifted vocals?? Hows the reaction been to the change? Do you think youll end up not using them at all?
We've ended up throwing out the pitchshifter on this one and the split with COFFINS, because we wanna show a different side of us. It's kind of our FUCK YOU to the abundance of Porn/Gore-bands out there and the kindergarten scene that surrounds it. Reactions have been very good overall, besides a few whining Gore-dorks that can't seem to get over themselves. They can eat me. On our upcoming releases we'll be bringing back the pitchshifter and combine it with 'clean' vocals. Like a 50-50 kinda thing. The songs on both mentioned split 7"s don't need the pitch at all. They're brutal enough!!

Camp Blood' is due to be released on LP this year. How did this get hooked up?
Well, we thought it was about time the thing was released on vinyl to give the amazing painted artwork the credit it deserves. And let's face it; this shit will come across way better on LP cover format. Can't wait to have it in my hands. I'll probably frame it and hang it on a wall. There was this label that showed interest and we were like : ' yeah, why not?'.That's that basically.

What’s the recording process been like now that you guys are doing it 'DIY' style? What are the pros and cons of doing it this way vs in a professional studio?
Nah, it's been totally exciting to finally do things ourselves for a change. No rush, no bullshit time-schedule and no fucking clowns breathing down your neck.
Well, except for the other band members that is. We've done 2 recording sessions so far and shit came out really good. And the best part, shit will get better and better with each session since it's a learning process for us to do everything ourselves. We really should have made this choice a long time ago.

Tell us about the recent tour of Finland and Russia. Seems like you guys had a blast over there...
Oh yezzzzzzzzzzzz!! This was by far the best organised tour we've done and it was a total blast.
The few that might be slightly interested in the entire story can check out a full-scale tour report on our MySpace profile. - There's also a bunch of drunk-ass pics on there to give a little taster of the ambience and atmosphere. We wanna go back there as soon as we can!! Fuck the States, this is where it's at.

Any upcoming tour plans/ for downunder??
Sigh............Uhm, yeah. We're still waiting for our little trip downunder and hopefully combine it with a few Japan-dates along with COFFINS. Whenever we're welcome we'll fucking be there. No doubt.

I've been asking this question alot lately, but what’s your take on goregrind as of late? Do you get into any of these pornonoise one man bedroom drum machine bands that seem to be popping up everywhere lately?
As far as Goregrind goes, we're down with the 'Old school' bands in that genre. For the rest I think that the whole Porn/Gore-thing really ruined it for everybody. The juvenile porn-samples, pathetic band names, homophobic attitude and utterly moronic album-sleeves........That's not brutal, it's flat out sad. Only one band can pull off Porngrind and be funny about it and that's ROMPEPROP. They don't give a fuck and admit it's all a big joke, plus they're cool cats.

Also kinda on the same subject - Bile/Skullhog never used/use any Porn or female degradation themes. Do you have an actual aversion to these concepts? Or is it just something that doesn't interest you guys much?
Like I said earlier, fuck all that homophobic and female degrading crap. What's the point? It's not offensive; it just comes across really childish. Don't get me wrong here. I really dig offensive and provocative subject-matter in lyrics, I just don't see the point of bashing gays and women in lyrics and making it your sole purpose as a band. If I wanna listen to some quality offensive lyrics, I'll put on some AGORAPHOBIC NOSEBLEED or EYEHATEGOD.
They're black belts in offending good Christians. .........Fuck, I think I used this exact line in another interview...Whatever.

After the release of Camp Blood last year, it seemed as though Bile copped alot of shit for 'ripping off horror themes'. What’s your opinion on this bullshit?
As far as the internerd bullshit-rumourmill goes, we get heaps of shit for supposedly 'ripping off' Horror/Slasher flicks. Dorks crying on messageboards and what not. Well, first of all - We're a Horror/Slasher-tribute band. This is what we do. We don't rip shit off and try to keep stuff original and use every sample and lyric based on a movie with utter respect. Samples are selected very carefully and we try to put every single piece of the puzzle together to create a fitting 'tribute'. That word says it all really. Fuck all y'all haters out there, we just do what we do and that's that!! I don't get the big deal. We're not the first and surely not the last band that is inspired by movies.

I know your personally pretty influenced by Hardcore and Sludge.. What are some of your favourite bands from these genres?
As far as SKULLHOG is concerned, this is not a Hardcore-influenced band and never will be.
I grew up on HC/Punk and Old school Metal/Grind at the same time really.
The Sludge-thing has been influential since we started out though. The dirty, slow and heavy negative vibes of that genre really go hand in hoof with what we set out to do as a band in the first place, so I'm really happy about incorporating slow passages in our stuff from the get go.
Although I'm mainly influenced by Sludge, most of our slow parts can also be traced back to HELLHAMMER, early FROST and AUTOPSY. Bands that have been essential for all three of us.
The main goal was to mix classic Goregrind with the Old school-vibes of SLAUGHTER, HELLHAMMER and AUTOPSY. So Sludge-influences are always welcome as well.
But to answer your original question here. Some of my favourite Hardcore-bands (old and new) are probably:
Favourite Sludge-bands (old and new) are:

What side projects do you guys have going at the moment? Any more Insult reunion shows planned or was that just a one off thing?
Me and Loek have a full-on Sludge-project (what a surprise) going on called TANKSLAPPER.
This band consists out of 2 bassplayers and me playing the drums and doing some vocals here and there. We might actually get a frontman to do vocals on the record and live-shows, but we'll see about that. Musically it's just extremely heavy and dirty sounding. It sounds quite original and we've been influenced by the likes of WEEDEATER and MAN IS THE BASTARD. But do we sound like them? No......We sound like TANKSLAPPER.
We were about to record our first album within the next few weeks, but my fucking broken ankle shattered that dream for now. It will take at least 2 months till I can do fuck all, let alone play the drums decent. So we'll just have to wait and see when we can start recording this album. We're also thinking and planning some other projects including a band called HELLPENIS, which will be full-on CROSSED OUT/ NEANDERTHAL-style Power violence.
As far as INSULT is concerned....Power it up records (Ger.) will be releasing our 'Emobashing Fastcore Pimps' Discography CD on vinyl in August and he might expect us to do some sort of reunion-show, so we'll just have to see about that.

Well Cheers Rob! Hope you feel better soon, its always a pleasure to have you in Vomitose! Take care and feel free to drop more Rocky quotes below..
Thank you once again for the exposure and interest Rebecca. Always a pleasure!!Rocky quotes? ADRIAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!!!



Yo Ballz. Thanks for the interview! I haven’t seen many Fuck I’m Dead interviews around so it’s killer to have you guys in Vomitose..First off, 2007 saw Fuck I’m Dead recruit 2 new members - Xavier on Guitar, and Darren on Drums. Tell us about why you decided to add new members.. Did you try out any other people?
We'd been thinking about the possibility of getting a human on drums for some time but never really followed thru with it until Darren mentioned he'd be able to do it and was super keen. He learnt a bunch of songs and we had a rehearsal which was killer! He really nailed it and we thought it improved the sound overall. So I thought if we're going to get a drummer we should get a second guitarist for the full band feel and to maximize the fret board gymnastics, the Xavier was an obvious choice as he's an excellent guitarist who cast many spells on the fret board in Roskopp. We didn't try out any other people besides Xavier and Darren basically because they were spot on right away.

You were in charge of writing most of the music before, guitar and drums etc. Has this changed since the introduction of new members into the band?
Well now Xavier has a lot of input into the song writing, which is great. He has some killer ideas for new stuff and cool ways of enhancing old stuff now being played with two guitars. I still program alot of the drums when writing tunes to get a feel for the songs, and Darren add his own spin on things too.

The drum machine parts were really well programmed in the earlier FID material. Did they take a long time to programme?
It took a little time to work out using the drum machine, but once that was done it was quick enough to not lose any flow when writing guitar and drums together. I just programmed them like I wanted to hear a real drummer play them, with lots of variation and interesting stuff which sometimes took a bit of time.

What are your thoughts on drum machine bands in general, and drum machine bands playing live?
Overall I think alot of drum machine bands could make the programming more interesting you know so you're not constantly aware it’s a drum machine when you're listening to the music. It’s hard for drum machine bands to play live and get a cool full sound and good feel from what I’ve seen in Australia. With FID we were always worried about the stage looking empty with no drummer and feeling like something was missing, which it was I guess. We managed to get a bag tattering sound from the drum machine we were using which gave the sound engineer a lot of control over individual sounds from the drum machine rather than just controlling volume of an already mixed drum set.

What were people’s reactions like in the beginning to FID using a drum machine? What was the first Fuck I’m Dead show like?
No one seemed to mind that there was no drummer, I thought more people would see it a bit shit or a joke band or something. The first FID show(s) were cool, we had a great response and it didn't take long for us to get used to playing with the drum machine live where there is no room for error.

Do you feel as though you’ve proved people wrong who think drum machine bands aren’t ‘real bands’?
ha! yeah I think so, its was something that we always were a bit worried about from time to time even up until we got a drummer last year. The Majority of people didn't mind the drum machine at all, and a lot of people were more apprehensive about us getting a human on the cans.

Where did the name come from? When and why did you start using butchers aprons?
Myself and Tom(bass) came up with the name, it’s not from anything as far as we know and I’m not really sure how it popped up one day. We started wearing those aprons a few years ago, just because we thought it would be fun and extremely tuff of course. I think we did it first at a Metal for the Brain.

What’s the stupidest/most embarrassing/disastrous/hilarious thing that’s ever happened involving Fuck I’m Dead?
We once playing the worst show ever at the Espy in Melbourne I think it was supporting Hate Eternal or something... Firstly Jay got smashed before we played and lent on a door which opened and he fell backwards down some stairs onto his head, while this was happening Tom's equipment had fucked up and he had no distortion and had to play clean bass, my guitar case (which had never EVER been locked) had locked it self and I could get my guitar out. I eventually had to break the fucking thing open to get out the case. So finally we were right to go with concussed singer, clean bass and bent guitar and there was no fold back what so-ever which I really bad if you don’t have a drum kit on stage. No one wanted to see us either at a brutal death show WORST SHOW EVER!

Does Jay use lyrics? How important are lyrics in a band?
Jay usually starts singing the song with no lyrics, maybe just the song name somewhere in there. But then over time lyrics seem to evolve. The lyrics haven't been that important to us up until now we're making sure every new song has proper lyrics.

What are the meanings behind the following song titles:-
Code Brown
- Code brown is the unofficial "code" which is called in a hospital when a patient shits the bed.
Waft of Stench - Waft of Stench is either about a rancid fart or a stinky dead person, which ever Jay feels like singing about on the night
Licky Webster - Licky Webster is about that Australian girl Nicky Webster who sung at the Olympics one time and did some other shit, don't know why but jay thought it was funny.
Tarquin the Terrible - Tarquin the Terrible, (what a shit song) was about this retarded character that one of friends used to do.

Fuck I’m Dead and TDEBN have both been added to the Maryland Deathfest 08 bill. How did this all come about? Have you got any expectations of what it will be like?
Well both bands just got asked by the promoters about 6 months ago, we've heard it’s a killer show and by the looks of all the bands that have played in the past and that are playing this year, you can't do wrong!

Have you got any US tour plans around the same time? Are there any bands you’d really like to play with in the USA?
Both FID and TDEBN are doing a 10 show tour leading up to MDF basically on the east coast of the USA... personally I’d be keen to play with Impaled and Ghoul who both happen to be playing MDF.

What are your plans for the next recording? What are the reasons behind it being so long since your last release?
This next recording will be the first with a human drummer, so we're a bit anxious about how its going to turn out, as far as the quality of the sounds go, because we never had a problem with potential bad drum sounds before now. But song writing is going well and we should be recording in the next few months and have something out in the second half of 2008. There is no real reason why its been so long since the last release, teaching a drummer and new guitarist all the old stuff took up a bit of time and well as constantly playing shows around Australia and other time taken up with TDEBN for me, and just being lazy I guess.

No Escape recently released a live Fuck I’m Dead DVD+live CD. Are you happy with how these came out? What has the feedback been towards these releases?
I'm really happy with the way it turned out, sound wise and visually. The feedback has been really positive from everyone.

Razorback Records released the FID full length, Bring on the Dead back in 2002?What effect did this have on the band and its profile at the time?
That release on Razorback as great for us at that time, it exposed FID to a heap of people around the world that had never heard of us.

Why has it been unavailable for so long? Are there any plans to repress or re-release that material?
I'm not really sure why, it was re-pressed a few times at the beginning but nothing for a few years, there is talk about a re-issue of it being done thru No Escape Records.

Are you surprised at how popular FID is considering you’ve only done a few releases??
Yeah definately, I’d be totally sick of us by now listening to same shit all the time with never anything new for years.

There was a rumour about a split 7” with Rompeprop being released as part of the Relapse Slime wave series. Any truth to this? Will this still be happening?
That was the original plan when we were asked to do it about a year or so ago. Then the Rompeprop part changed to another band we hadn't heard of so we decided not to do it and save those songs for the new album.

Your label No Escape Records is arguably one of the best grind labels in the world these days. The first NE releases were Fuck I’m Dead ones.. Was the label started just to release these?
No Escape was started just to release the FID demo then the split 7" with Sanity’s Dawn, I just thought it would be easier to do it myself rather than trying to find a label to do it that had never heard of FID. Then the opportunity to release some other Australian bands came up, then some international bands and it just grew from there.

How has the label progressed since the beginning? What have some highlights been for you personally?
It’s become a lot busier so much so that Christoph from the band Roskopp has become part of No Escape Records and he takes care of half the work. My whole time working on No Escape has been a highlight really, it’s great to release CDs of such awesome bands from around the world!

What’s in store for No Escape in 2008?
We've got a bunch of new releases planned from The Kill, Parlamentarisk Sodomi, Skullhog/Coffins 7", new TDEBN and Fuck...I'm Dead albums, hopefully a Roskopp album to name a few

You and Tom were both in a band before Fuck I’m Dead named Arseripper, who released a split 7” with Demisor. Can you please outline what the primary motive was for that band? And why did you finally decide to cork the wind that was Arseripper?
The primary and only motive of Arseripper was to excrete severe stinkin wind throughout Australia and the world, and spread the gospel of the anus to those that might not be familiar with the flatulent fig and the symphony of the sphincter. Although Arseripper was full of strict wind we had to take a break from passing gas for our own safety.

Do you think Arseripper accomplished everything it could have? Will you ever breathe new wind into that old band?
Arseripper accomplished more than we could have ever hoped, I mean with hits like "Aimin at the Ain", Defunct Dingleberry", Won Over By Your Wind" and the classic "Fartality" there was not much more we could force out without dominating the world. One day you may see the return of the raging ring piece that was Arseripper, when the methane reserves are about to overflow and the poo particle to air ratio is at its highest... Arseripper will return.

Your other band, The Day everything became nothing has been a lot more prolific with releases and is due to release a new album in the near future.. Can you tell us your plans for this release?
The new album has been recorded, mixed and mastered as of this last week. We're currently working on artwork to match the extreme bag tattering that has been recorded, and it'll be released in the next couple of months.

Is the way that TDEBN works different to the way FID works?
In TDEBN everyone has a really laid back approach, we won’t do anything for a while then we'll decide to write a new album and we work hard on it for a few months play a bunch of shows then take a break again for a bit, it keeps everyone really interested in the band and enthusiastic about it. FID is more of a constant thing all year round, we always seem to be playing shows and don’t have enough time to write a lot of new stuff.

Is it hard to find time for everything considering members of TDEBN and FID are in so many other bands?
Not really, it always works out fine, when one band is quiet the other is busy. And we've done a few split rehearsals from time to time which works out well.

Was Fuck I’m Dead part of the “Melbourne Grind Syndicate”?
I guess so, I don’t know if there was any official induction procedure but we are from Melbourne and we play grind.

What do you think about how the scene is here now compared to back then?
I think over the years the popularity and enthusiasm of the scene fluctuates, but at the moment I reckon it’s better than ever. All the bands from Melbourne are great, the turn out at shows are awesome and there’s shows all the time, most of the bands are putting out or working on releases. No Escape just put on a huge show GRINDCORE 2008, which I was worried about how well it might go, we had 9 bands, two stages and a really great turn out, which shows that people are extremely keen to see and play GRIND in Melbourne!

Is there anything in particular that’s made the Melbourne grind scene so strong and respected all over the world?
I'm not sure if it’s anything in particular, I guess a lot of cool bands have come out of Melbourne over the years and continue to do so.

What’s the best and worst band you’ve ever played with?
One of my favourite bands we've played with was Exhumed when they toured Australia, they were absolutely killer live. I can't think of any one particular band that’s been the worst, just any metalcore/sport metal/slam rubbish that we've happened to play with over the years.

What bands got you into grind?
Carcass was the thing that I really got excited about, I’d never heard anything so heavy and bag tattering!!

Who’s better D.A.D or KLF?
The question is quite a conundrum, both are the best ever! I mean how can you compare "Girl Nation" and "3am Eternal"? I
think D.A.D. and KLF should do a collaboration album.

What are your mandatory top albums?
CBT - Opuss(y)
Impaled - Mondo Medicale
Soilwork - Chainheart Machine

What have you been listening to lately?
Die Pigeon Die -Ripped From V To A
Impaled - The Last Gasp
Exit Wounds - Exit Wounds
Parlamentarisk Sodomi - Har Du Sagt "A" Får Du Si "Nal"

Thanks Dave! Any merch/website/contact info can be left below…
Thanks Rebecca, and check