With a staunch background in unadulterated blastasfuk grindcore, The Kill has most definitely set the standard for “Australian Grind” in general, not to mention every band that has followed in their absence. Surprisingly, The reunion of The Kill doesn’t make me nervous like most of the bands that have been reuniting lately, Roby is far too much of a old skool stickler to be swayed by hip hop beats and porno samples. After what seems like forever it’s good to know that the unfortunate spastics (mainly me it would seem!) who missed the boat to see these guys live when they were still around will finally have the chance to have my skull ripped apart this year by these mad cunts!After 3 years 6ft under., guitarist Roby gives us the last word in GRINDCORE.

First off, The Kill have already split up 3x, so what do we have to get rid of you guys for good? Why did The Kill get started again? Why didn’t you just start a new project?
Ok, well for your information woman, The Kill split twice. Originally The Kill was just Jay & my self. It would be stupid to grind under a different name.

Can you give us a brief history of the band so far? Whats the actual lineup now?
Jay/Drums, Roby/Guitar & Neil ‘Undinism’ Vokills on the Demo 2000 recording, Jay/Drums, Roby/Guitar & Tony ‘Blood Duster Vokills on the Soundtrack….. 2002 recording.
The current line up:
Jay/Drums, Roby/Guitar & Fresh Face… Nik ‘Super Fun Happy Slide’ Vokills.

After the last breakup, you auditioned drummers from as far away as the Blue Mountains, Did you ever get any people seriously wanting to try out from overseas?
I had a couple of guys try out on drums & young Jordan from NSW was so determined to drum for us… We had jammed twice within a few months but unfortunately he couldn’t pull it off. He was an excellent drummer, but wouldn’t have been the right man to fill Jay’s shoes. He tragically passed on a little while back. Jordan Overlunde (R.I.P). As for overseas drummer’s… well, that was more or less just bull shit talk through email. I doubt anyone was really ever serious. If Australia wasn’t located on the arse end of the world, there would have been a few good drummers try out back then.

Will Neil have any involvement in this reunion?
I doubt it, though it would be a good idea to see if he wanted to scream a few abusive lines the next time we record.

Neil wrote your previous lyrics. Are you including lyrics in the new material? Who’s writing them? Are you gonna rip off aWhitesnake song this time around?
Nik writes pretty much everything now, & has the same outlook on life as Neil did when he was on vokills. It has taken a huge amount of pressure off both Jay & I now not having to worry about the band being completely different lyrically. At once stage we were going to do the vokills ourselves, & just not play any shows. On the last recording we both did vokills in many tracks with lyrics already written. But if we had to come up with the lyrics for these new songs, The Kill would have been delayed for another 5 years! As for using GNR lyrics back then, well that was just a thing we thought was funny at the time. But I doubt that would ever happen again, unless we become desperate.

What other projects have you guys been doing while The Kill has been out action? Any news with these bands that’s worth repeating?
Both ‘Jesus’ Christoph / Roskopp & I were jam’n a bit at one stage, but it was too much of a head fuck coming all the way to St. Kilda once a week. He actually helped me compose a few songs that Jay & I are using now in The Kill. Of course, they are a little different, but he will still recognize them once they are recorded. I would love to do something with Christoph some day. But he needs to get his drivers licence…

Has being in so many different bands/taking up a lot of time made it hard for either you or Jay to find time for The Kill??
Jay has sacrificed heaps of his TV time for The Kill this year. We jam approximately once a week now & it’s not as much of a struggle for him anymore since his become a skinny cunt. But still… He is a fucking lazy cunt!

What’s your opinions on the state of Australian grind in 2006/7? Any favourite local bands?
Ha.. I’m rarely at shows these days, so I haven’t seen a few of the latest local grind bands. Now living the family life & paying off a mortgage, it takes up a lot of my time. So on weekends I just wanna chill, stay home, watch movies, listen to music, drink beer, red wine & hang out with my family. When I did get out last, Die Pigeon Die took me by surprise. One of the heaviest live bands I’ve seen at the Arthouse in a long time. They were so loud it vibrated the shit out of my chest, but the songs were so brutal & catchy I had to stay positioned where I was hanging for a leak & put up with the pain until the set was over!
Still, by far the two best bands in ‘Oz are Roskopp & Captain Cleanoff!

Do you feel any pressure as the main songwriter to live up to the old tunes?
At one stage yeah! I couldn’t come up with any riffs at all, & it was driving me mad & then I couldn’t stop writing new tunes that I thought were good for The Kill... Obviously as we get older we start to experiment a little more, but at the same time I try to keep it within its boundaries & not become too metal & stay true to grindcore.

What are your personal influences? Favourite albums of all time?
Hellnation – Thrashwave
Magnacite – Safety in the work place
Pig Destroyer – Explosions in ward 6
Slayer – Reign in Blood, South of Heaven & Seasons
Brutal Truth – first 2
Catheter – Preamble to Oblivion
324 – Customized Circle
AxCx – 40 more reasons to hate us
Assuck – Anticapital & Misery Index
Napalm Death – Peel Sessions, Scum & From Enslavement…..
Agoraphobic Nosebleed – Honkey Reduction & Frozen Corpse stuffed with dope
Exhumed/Hemdale – In the name of gore
Squash Bowels/Disgorge split
Dead Infection – A chapter of Accidents
Gruesome Stuff Relish – Last man in gore
Sanity’s Dawn – Mangled in the meat grinder
Captain Cleanoff – Everything!
Ingrowing – Suicide binary reflections
Discordance Axis – Jouhou & Ulterior
Retaliation – The Execution
Last Days of Humanity side of the stoma split
Blood Duster – Fisting the dead
Regurgitate- Carnivorous Erection
Hutt – Miseravel & Sessao Descarrego
Demolition Hammer – Epidemic of Violence & Tortured Existence
Cadaver Inc – Discipline
Sepultura – Beneath the Remains & Arise
Deicide - Deicide & Legion
Black Sabbath – All up until the last two with Ozzy.
Kill the Client – Wage Slave
Excruciating Terror – Expression of Pain & Divided we Fall
Damaged – Do not spit & Passive back seat demon engines
Birdflesh – Night of the Ultimate Mosh
Engorged – Death Metal Attack 2
Morbid Angel – Blessed Are the Sick & Altars of madness
Dahmer – Everything!
Denak – Grindcore 10”
Agoraphobic Nosebleed – Demo 7”
Plutocracy/DxAx 7”
Exhumed/Retaliation 7”
Captain Cleanoff – both 7”
Noisear/Parade of the lifeless 7”
Avulsion – Green Scare 7”
Hemdale/Exit 13 7”
Kalibas – Eyes red 7”
Unholy Grave – Victimized 7”
Emetic/Gory Melanoma 7”
Warsore – All 4 ep’s with Den on vokills
Exhumed – All 5 ep’s with Ross on both vokills & Bass
Looking For An Answer on both splits 7”s with Comrades & Overpowering
Anal Cunt – Defenders of the hate 7”
Etc, etc…

You’re also the man behind BlastasFuk records, you give us some info on what releases you’ve got, and what you’ve got coming up with BlastasFuk?
BAF grindcore is a small label I do on the side with my spare time. I try to only stock blast material! But the idea has offended a few people over the years when working out trades. I haven’t really gone the hack with it due to being flat out with everything else, but it’s something I really love to do when I can. Trading vinyl preferably over plastic is a bonus for me, but I just can’t afford to press vinyl yet. Maybe one day soon.
So far I released:
BAF001 UNDINISM- Live At The Green Room 01.05.04 DVD SOLD OUT
I thought this show being their first show back in many years deserved to be seen
Everywhere, not just in Melbourne.
I have been a fan of these lad’s for many years, thanks to Andy/Mortville & when
we were finally in contact after finding out they were back in action, it was the first thing I asked em! Not many bands I knew from New Mexico back then played grindcore this extreme, & not being a porn gore grind band, I knew once these guys were on a few more labels everyone would love em. They just released a new CD on RSR too… So check it out if ya dig music like Assuck, Laughing Dog, Discordance Axis etc….
I met Toshinori when he came here filling in on guitar for Unholy Grave, Being so friendly, he gave me some Gate merchandise, & I never heard em before. I contacted him straight away, after listening to his band & I asked if I could release something of theirs straight away! They are a two piece Japanese grind project with no remorse, just flooded with blast beats & distortion. Who also sound a little like Assuck with Terrorizer style vokills.. Killer fucking band!’

Bryan got a little lazy staying in contact with me so he passed me onto Dorian the guitarist in Noisear who was on line more often. We got along like a house on fire & stayed in contact on a regular basis. Pretty much organised another Noisear
Blastasfuk release straight away.
This recording is a lot more raw & noisy, compared to the MCD… Fast & Technical Grindcore that flows…

One of my all time favourite bands! Thanks to Christoph who showed me their demo knowing I would die on my arse. Then of course I emailed em & harassed the shitout of Marcelo until they recorded.
Hutt’s style is unique… They play really fast music, with a lot of catchy build up’s, Grindcore that differs from the rest! True Brazilian Kings!
Coming soon / 2008:
HATRED SURGE – Discography CD
HUTT – Full length CD

A while back there were whispers of an Openwound reunion, or at least playing a couple of shows. Is there any truth to that? If so, Is this still likely to happen?
Maybe… That all depends of Fab!

When do you guys expect to be ready to play live shows? Have you got any special plans for your first show back?
December the 1st with CAPTAIN CLEANOFF, ROSKOPP & DIE PIGEON DIE! Plus we have a few booked early next year.

Will The Kill eventually go overseas? Are you gonna play Obscene someday or what?
Maybe not! We’ve had a few people email us, but nothing promising. We need to record more first I think. Only having the two recordings, we can’t really expect much. Though it would be great to meet all the people overseas I’ve been in contact with throughout the years.

What’s the new material sounding like? Does it differ from the old stuff? Are you consciously trying to write in the same style as before??
The same… More like the last recording, just more riffs, more blast beats & more Crazy vokills.

Do you think there’s gonna be a massive backlash when people find out you’re using double kicks?
We’re not! I managed to talk Jay out of using those fucking dbl pedals not too long ago. Jay’s more of a punk influenced drummer. There for we will now stay a Single Pedal Metal unit.

Was it a choice to have one guitarist, and no bassplayer? Will it stay this way?
Yeah! I love the sound of a noisy bass, like Warsore in the early days, But I have no time to sit down & teach someone riffs. I’m very impatient when it comes to shit like that! I think being a three piece with no bass is what makes The Kill different! Plus I think it would sound all over place if we did try out a bass player, & he or she would have to follow Jay not me. It would be a shambles. Fuck that!

Will all three of you guys continue to do vocals? Will you do it live as well?
Live, not as much, when we record yes… Gang vokills are a must!

What plans do you have for the new material? I’ve heard you’ve already got a couple of splits lined up, how did these get hooked up and what label will they be released on?
Ok, So far we have over 25 new tracks & half with vocals. At one stage we were going to do two split 7” ep’s with Regurgitate & Hellnation. But Rikard /RGTE hasn’t emailed me about this is ages & Doug tells me Hellnation won’t be ready for a long time… So we’re starting to concentrate on two other split 7” ep’s with both Insect Warfare on 625 & Captain Cleanoff on Haunted Hotel! The rest of the tunes will be recorded for a CD/LP.

Whats the deal with THE KILL live DVD? Any idea when this will be released?
Still waiting on my long time internet pal Mr. Sebastian Rokicki of Antigama to finish off all the editing etc… Their no great rush really & I don’t want to pressure the bloke. And I think Karol/SMG is looking into releasing it now too.?
It should be pretty good, cause it has footage from when we first started with Andy/Mortville down from the states filming our jam… ha!

Are there any dream bands you’d ideally like to do splits or play with? Have you had any cool offers?
Yes! Of course!!! Anal Cunt, Cause I know how much they hate being asked to do splits! Or even better… If SLAYER had some unreleased trax left over from the Reign In Blood recording for split 7 inch ep.

That’s it! Cheeeeers Roby! The below space is yours for whatever you feel like sayin..
Eric/Torture Garden Picture Company is currently working on The Kill 12” LP 2000 – 2002 discography. This will consist of both the Demo &The Soundtrack to your violence MCD.
Plus Dave & Christoph/No Escape are also releasing the CD version. Both will have different artwork & of course the LP version will be Limited………. That’s it!
Thanks again Rebecca.

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