With sights set on US shores for the upcoming Maryland Deathfest 2013 and new material in the works, it seems CONVULSE has risen from the grave at the right time; when things are at an almost standstill in terms of  true Death Metal that was made to invoke darkness and totally crush all who dared to listen.

CONVULSE have long been hailed as one of the pioneers of the unforgettable Finnish or more specifically ‘Nokia’ Death Metal scene and sound, despite a relatively short lived career which saw them only release one demo and 2 albums.  I was interested to see what made CONVULSE join the recent whirlwind of classic reformations and what 2013 will hold for Death Metal from the past in the ‘brave new world’…

Hey Rami, thanks so much for wasting some time on this interview! To begin with, what are the origins of CONVULSE? How did the members of the band meet and form? What was the vision musically for CONVULSE in the beginning and what were your main influences?
We were friends since 12 years old kids and wanted to play heavy metal. As soon as we could play something we formed a band and started to compose own songs. At first heavy and speed metal and later death metal when it arrived year 1989-1990 to Finland.

Main influences of Convulse were at first (and still are) Bolthrower, Death, Sepultura, Black Sabbath, Vader, Slayer, Testament, Benediction, Master, Napalm death, Autopsy, Obituary, Pestilence and so on.
To me it seems like the early Finnish death metal scene was an absolute gold mine of original and abstract death metal and grind bands, including but not limited to some of my favourite bands purtenance/demilich/Rippikoulu/demigod/Lubricant etc etc – and many more classics I’m still discovering to this day! Some of which are from the same town of Nokia I believe?
 What was your impression of the scene back in the early days of CONVULSE? What were your favourite bands from this era?

Many legendary bands in Finland Yeah! I think the main reason is that Heavy metal was so big thing in Finland since 1985. Lots of kids played in their own bands. When the DM arrived we had enough skills to play DM and adopt that brutal music. But we surely put something of our own too.
It is finnish dark brutality with courage to make own music. Not just copy of the full package.
My finnish favorites are Abhorrence, Sentenced, Demigod, Purtenance, Disgrace and Funebre, We played also with these bands several times.

Was there much of a live scene then?  Were there any specific underground venues you used to frequently play? 
There was quite active live scene. Fans and other bands arranged shows in "Youth centres" and places like that. I organized also two death metal parties in Nokia. There was playing bands like Sentenced, Disgrace, Xysma, Beherit, Lubricant, Phlegethon….

How wide spread was Death Metal in general back in these early years? Was it accessible for you guys to get your hands on demos? zines? Instruments?
The whole UG scene was very very active. Tape trading, letters, flyers and zones were the Internet of early 90es. I remember that my parents paid my first guitar and amp, but I also worked after school days to get enough money to get bigger gear.

Where did you record your first demo Resuscitation of Evilness? What was your experience with recording this compared to the World without God and Reflections full lengths? What was the response like when these were both released/re released? We recorded it 24-track study MSL. In the same place 8 months later we recorded WWG-album too. ROE-demo we recorded and mixed in two days and WWG-album in six days. I remember the ROE selling 1000 copies quite fast. And the WWG-album 3000 copies at least. Pretty cool for the 17-18 years old kids playing in the unknown band. So the response was pretty good. We used the same method in our new "Inner Evil" 12" EP. We went to 24-track analog studio. No computers, no pro tools, no triggers etc.Keep it simple. Rehearse enough with your band, go to the studio and concentrate to live feeling. That is my recipe for pure and authentic death metal

CONVULSE has recently reunited, with plans to play Maryland Deathfest 2013 in the USA and new material in the works. Why and how did this reunion occur? What are your plans for the new songs in terms of releases? 
My old pal from Nokia asked to play in his Heavy Metal festival 2011. At first I refused. Then original bass player Juha took contact and showed his interest. There was no chance to get more original members with us. So I asked my old band friend Rolle (played together from 1998) and my Friend Kristian to join the Convulse.At first it was thought to play only one show. But soon we marked how brutal and good we sound together and how much joy it gives to play together.I had also lots of new riffs in my head. So we decided to compose new material also. Then finnish Svart Records heard about our reunion and wanted to sign us. And here we are. New "Inner Evil" maxi vinyl comes out 25.1. We are composing new material for the new album also. We will enter to studio in autumn. Beware! Hopefully there will be shows in Europe later too. And of course I am expecting playing in MDF!

Are you surprised by how much interest still exists for CONVULSE? Internationally and within Finland too?Partly yes and not. We were DM pioneers in Finland and we recorded some good stuff that time. Many younger listeners are also starting to find us. We were playing in Jalometalli festival in Oulu Finland. There was punch of kids who wanted to chance words and take photos with them. It is lovely to see that metal is still alive. New generations are coming all the time and we old beards are still strong and very much alive! Generations have changed, but the ritual is the same.

Will this be your first time playing overseas with CONVULSE? Will you be planning on doing any other shows around MDF time?
 We done only one show abroad and that was 1992 in Sweden. So this will be a great adventure too. Let´s see what happens. At least we play in MDF, that is for sure.

We talked earlier about your vision for the sound of CONVULSE in the starting days. Do you feel this sound changed over the years?  Will your new material be more in the vein of the earlier CONVULSE or the later ‘Reflections’ type sound? I don´t know is the sound changed a lot comparing to World without god album. Of course there is much more experience now than 20 years ago. It makes Convulse much more tighter than early 90´s. The new material is more old school vein like ROE-demo and WWG-album. A little bit more technical, but far away from "Reflections" rock/funk death.

Did you ever expect in the early days that Finnish Death Metal would have a certain ‘signature sound’ to it, like Swedish DM, Norwegian BM etc? 
Hard to say. I have always loved finnish death metal. It´s more authentic and brutal comparing to Swedish DM. Maybe that is the reason the value of finnish DM has grown after all these years. Of course I like swedish DM also, but it sounds…hmmm..swedish

Newer bands from Finland like STENCH OF DECAY and SWALLOWED for example seem to be making Death Metal in the same vein and spirit as when CONVULSE started. What do you think about the recent resurgence of interest and appreciation by younger generations in this style?
I am very proud of we have made music that still have strength today. It is cool that new bands discover the power of old school death metal.

Have your tastes changed? Or you mainly listen to the same stuff you did then? 
 When you get older the taste gets wider. I listen to a pretty much also 70´s rock and progressive music  like The Who, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Wigwam, Pekka Pohjola, Pink Floyd, Thin Lizzy etc. But I still love the legendary DM/Thrash album of 80´s and 90´s.

Any last words before I close the coffin on this interview? Thanks again, looking forward to watching you destroy MDF in May!
Thanks for your interest for new coming of Convulse. Order our forth coming "Inner Evil" 12" vinyl or mcd from Svart Records. Beware also of the full album in the end of 2013. Hopefully we see you in shows. Thanks for this interview!


Another killer and criminally overlooked demo to come crawling out from the graveyard of the 1990's...

Lucifer's Hammer were a death/doom outfit formed in the late 80's in Michigan, this demo "The Burning Church" was their best output in my opinion.
Furious, chaotic DM in the vein of  Nuclear Death combined with bleak, atmospheric doom abstractions from beyond.....

For the Eternally Doomed ONLY!

SCHISMOPATHIC - Kharkharamaphatic Regurgitator demo 1989

Another underrated gem lost in time!
Hostile Polish Grind from '89!
For fans of Pungent Stench(early), Napalm Death, Terrorizer, Fear of God...

Listen and weep you modern grindcore frauds!


Below are some photographs I shot recently for my friends INVERLOCH and a preview clip from their upcoming full length on Relapse Records.

INVERLOCH is a Melbourne based band that includes two members from the pioneering death/doom outfit DISEMBOWELMENT.
INVERLOCH play doom drenched death metal that gives more than a firm nod to not only their own legacy but also to the much welcomed revival of the 1990's ambient doom sound.
Their new album 'Dusk... Subside' promises to be one of the few releases worth looking forward to in our present age that can still embody the atmosphere, heaviness and ultimate darkness of an era long past.

They will be playing Hellfest Festival and a bunch of European and UK dates this year, including performing their legendary album "Transcendence into the Peripheral" in its entirety at Roadburn Festival in the Netherlands this April.
Witness live or regret forever!!!!!


Spanish Horror Maniac's Nashgul are truly a “thorn amongst the roses” in the decomposing world of 'modern grindcore'; bringing back the violent and the ugly that has been severly lacking in today's generation of over produced limp-wristed-art-grind.
I talked to old friend and vocalist Santi to see how these fanatics keep the flame burning...

-Santi! Hola! Thanks for doing this interview!
Hey Reb! Great to be interviewed for Vomitose Zine, i owe you a beer...

-First off, Who and what is Nashgul? Who does what, and how did you all get together? What did you set out to create with this band?
Nashgul are 4 freak guys from A Coruna and Ferrol, tw
o shitty citties in the northwest of Spain. We dont know how to play our instruments but we have a good time every time we get together to get drunk/high and play fast! I was not around when the band was created, so i dont know what intentions they were up to....but i think know is just to play honest music, pay tribute to the stuff we love and travel a bit...if this changes, we are over!

-What influences you visually? Do you have a Top 5 movies of all time you can rattle off for us?
Real life was more the influence in the past....and as real life totaly sucks now im stucked in fantasy and films haha....i would recomme
nd this movies to every freak interested: The Wicker Man, Easy Rider, The Trip, Psych Out, The Wild Angels, Last house on the left, Simon King of the Witches, Let sleeping corpses lie, Maniac, El jorobado de la morgue, 60/70s Jess Franco movies, Lucifer Rising, Tigon Films, Jean Rollin, Jose Ramon Larraz's Estigma, John Carpenter, Romero living dead trilogy, Lucio Fulci, Werewolves on wheels....and the list goes on and on and on and on.....

-Are you a typical metalhead like most of us when it comes to being influenced by Horror movies?
Why do you think Metal and Horror works in toge
ther so obviously?
Metal and Horror is the best combination ever when your teen hormones are burning inside you thus is the perfect way to release our darksid
es in a creative way! My addiction to Horror Movies started way before i knew about metal or fast when i saw the 2 combined in Live after death frontcover , was the coolest thing in the fuckin world! then came Impetigo, The Acussed, TSOL, Mortician, Machetazo... I recently discovered this old doom band Blood Farmers, their only full lenght is a must!!! perfect exploitation horror doom rock!

-You seem to be totally OBSESSED by all things horror and obscure. Do you sleep well? What are your dreams/ “NIGHTMARES OF DEATH” like?
Nightmares come more from reality than from horror imaginary unfortunately! I would really love to sleep a bit more in the nights sometimes, but im a hyperactive bastard! Horror dreams are quite cool to dream about creepy things and places, i should write some dream someday but my octogenarian memory and chronic laziness don't help too much haha

-Nashgul is obviously a band that takes pride in reliving the past glory days of Grindcore ala Repulsion, Terrorizer, Warsore.. But what do you think of this 'new age' of Grindcore? Do you feel Grindcore has any future?
I don't care about new Grind. My musical tastes are quite wide so i spent more my time lookin in the past for some good stuff (whatever the style) rather than keeping updated about the "scene"...anyway i love when a new ba
nd surprises me and makes me crazy, its like "there's still hope!!", some new grind bands i dig are Knelt Rote, Malpractice Insurance, Parlamentarisk Sodomi....i would love to be in touch with more good contemporary grind bands...lets write and trade motherfuckers!

-What are your top 5 musical influences? What are you listening to these days?
Top 5 Nashgul influences.....mmm...just the old grind stuff Repulsion, early Napalm
, Siege, SOB, Unseen Terror, Bolt Thrower, Discharge, Autopsy, Brutal least thats the "Nashgul-related stuff" i tend to listen listening tons of music everyday from noisegrind or doom to early dub or electronics, lot of 70s rock.....too much obsession....lately im listening a lot Captain Beyond, Butcher ABC, Sore Throat, early Anal Cunt, Moho, Negative Approach, Grant Green, Spazz, early Judas Priest, Gism, Eskorbuto, Samson,Brodys Militia, Scientist, Black Hole, Confuse, Iron Curtain, Bram Stoker, Bulbous Creation, Clear Blue Sky, early Soundgarden, some soundtracks.....lot of different stuff!

-What is the social and political climate like in Spain/where you live? Is the environment around you any influence when it comes to Nashgul?
People in general sucks so i dont think theres too much hope about this....Politicians use this stupid marketing shit of "choose your side"...its like too chose your fucking favourite football choose "left" or have yor newspapers, television channels etc
to feel related and happy in your side and talk shit about the other while you convice yourself of their spoonfed "ideas", its pathetic....also we have now this revolutionary wannabees trying to be like the new hippies with their ipods......just another part of the game! weakeners! the nightmare continues!

-Tell us about the scene where you live. Spain seems to produce consistently great bands.. Are new recommendations?
Some great spanish bands everybody should check are Baron Rojo, Moho, Machetazo, Eskorbuto, RIP, HHH, Ruido de rabia, D
enak, Destino Final, Ras, Disturbance Project,One of these days and thee heavy random tone color lab, LFAA, Gruesome Stuff Relish, ....mmm, i think i would love to do a mix tape/CD to anybody interested haha

-Where do you play locally? How often do you play live?
We dont pla
y local shows not really into play local shows really, and we dont play live since december last year anyway....we are quite lazy and inactive sometimes, then we get together and play live a lot or record some shit, but it just have to happen! no reason for this really haha....i really miss to play live, specially do some long tour but fuckin shitty daily life use to get in the middle of the plans so often....anyway we are going to do some kind of 10 anniversary show in A Coruna in December and also we are plannin some shows around Spain...Next year we will go to USA for first time to play Maryland Death Fest and probably play some other shows in the East Coast....really looking forward to it!!! I think we will play more often after the recording we just did for some splits!

-It seems like in the past you guys have done some pretty extensive touring throughout Europe. Do you have good/bad memories from those shows or touring? Where would you love to play?
I have lot of great moments and only very few bad touring experiences...Definitely lot of good moments, we are working class people so for us to be able to visit lot of parts of Europe was really a blast...i could never afford to go to lot of places i went (tourism sucks anyway). Bad moments involve only to have flu or some shithole we had to play in a couple of ti
mes..but i love to grind, travel and forget about the routine...its perfect and worth even though the few bad moments! I would love to play Japan for sure, Mexico or South America, Asia….any place we didn’t go would be great as long as people is enthusiastic about music…

-In the past Nashgul have mainly released split eps, with just one full length under your belt. Do you prefer releasing Nashgul in this way? What format do you prefer your music to be on? Are you guys vinyl freaks? or the odd one out like me who prefers CDs hahaha
We dont release more stuff because we are lazy and we work fuckin slow haha.....splits are more easy and funny to record, just make a few songs, go to the studio and grind!! We prefer vinyl for sure, but i dont discriminate music by its format...if its something i love i just have to take it no matter the format vynil, CD or is first but my favourite format is vinyl.

-What new releases have you got planned in the future for Nashgul? What can we expect to hear?
Some splits 7" with PLF, Crucifist, Total fuckin destruction and Malpractice are going to hear the same shit like always, just a bit more old school oriented, the vocals changed a bit from previous records and i think they fit better with the music , also I think now we have better riffs, better lyrics and better bass the future i dont know, its hard to forsee but i would like to continue in the search of our sound adding more old punk/hc influences and doom on the mix....lets see!

-Are you still on Power it Up Rec's? How has your experience been with this label?
We dont have any commintment with an
y label...when we have some stuff ready to be recorded we talk with friend labels in order to do a release. Power it up was the first foreing label that gave us the chance to release something..was fuckin great to be able to release a split with a band i was really into like Sewn shut, so Power it up has our sincere gratitude, but we dont belong to anybody...

-Do Nashgul members have any other side projects? How can we check these out?
We play/played in several bands like Hongo, Codia, Black Panda, Deadmask, Generic Death. i also helped in the past to LFAA and Machetazo, being a great pleasure both experiences! You can check everything on the internet go
d, everything belongs there

-Nashgul has recently been added to the Maryland Deathfest 2012 lineup which is looking better and better.. How did this come about?
I wrote to Ryan asking if he would be interested in
Nashgul, he said yes and gave us great conditions so we said yes immediately! We are planning to play some shows across USA with Marrow, a band from Baltimore that sadly is not going to play in the fest but you can bet they fuckin rule! Yeah, its going to be our first time im hoping to meet old/new friends there, play with some nice bands, check some nice places and get wasted watching fuckin Autopsy!

-Tell us about the influence for lyrics and art in Nashgul.The Nashgul artwork is always impressive, full of primitive skeletons and horrific looking hand drawn zombies.. Who does the artwork and lyrics in the band?
The artwork is mainly made by Luis and the lyrics by me. Hes a professional drawing artist working in a daily job doing that, and also working for bands, festivals and so can check his work at

-What do the memb
ers of Nashgul do in your daily lives? What do you guys enjoy doing outside of Grindcore (if anything)?
Beside work (or being unemployed) I spen
d almost all my free time between music, movies and books! Also I love to spend lot of time in the countryside or in some solitary beach, we have nice gloomy landscapes here in Galicia so its always nice to have some outdoor doom sessions with the good friends haha…

-What are your thoughts on New Zealand and Australian bands? Do you have any interest in our tiny scene over here? Are their any particular countries or scenes that really interest you?
I love WARSORE!! one of the best grind bands ever, raw and angry like grindcore is supposed to be!....Rupture, Blood Duster, Mournful Congregation.... of course AC DC, and one of my favourite bands ever is talking about BUFFALO, their first three LPS are fuckin masterpieces...Volcanic Rock LP rules so fuckin much!! a rockin psychedelic kick in your face with some of the best artwork I ever saw!!! “Only want you for your body” LP comes close as well… Also gotta say you introduced me to some early New Zealand punk bands that I totally dig! Looking forward for more kiwi old school stuff…yeah!

-Thanks again Santi! Insert your dying words below....URGH!
Thanks for the interview Rebe! Vomitose rules but you have to PRINT IT again!! haha…… UP THE IRONS!!!!


Dilek Baykara is a female illustrator spreading morbidity and decay from out of the stinkin' sewers of Brooklyn, NYC. A leader in the forever-lacking underground of gorey female artists, Dilek has rapidly made a name for herself within the international metal scene creating disturbing and dark shirts, posters and flyers for bands such as EyehateGod, Pentagram and Sourvein to name a few.
Dilek's illustrations suck you in and spit you out, her lethal mix of femme fatale attitude and the ability to hypnotise her viewers attention with every deadly stroke makes her someone I was extremely interested and proud to interview for Vomitose!

Dilek!! I hope you survived the 'Hurricane' okay.. Were you in any of the areas affected by the flooding? Whats been going on there and what have you been working on lately?
I'm glad I did, Although I was in a "safe" area in Brooklyn I decided to flee to my hometown of Sussex County, NJ since I wanted to work on my artwork without interruptions. I've been working on a poster for the upcoming WEEDEATER show in Brooklyn as well as a few other commissions.

-Tell us about the origins of your artwork. Have you always been into the 'darker side of things'?
The origins of my artwork began around since I was old enough to hold a writing utensil, Whenever my parents bought me books I completely covered the insides with my drawings, they were mostly drawings of weird dinosaurs and my family members. I was not into the darker things growing up as a child/pre-teen, because of my traditional Turkish upbringing. I just kept drawing because I loved to do it. My work became darker when I first got into music and I decided to become serious and experiment with my art around the age of 14.

-Have you always worked in your current style? How has your style evolved?
Certain elements in how I draw have stayed the same, but the way I render subjects have changed dramatically, since I have learned so much over the past couple of years, I prefer things to look very realistic, while maintaining my own style of line work. The more I was drawing the more I learned how to be more advanced in my approach. I still have much to learn.

-Who and what are your main influences? Visually/ Musically/whatever......?
My main influences in general would have to be my mother and my high school art instructor, they have always stood by my side and pushed me to do my best no matter what, I always keep this in mind when I create work for myself or others.

My main Visual influences are Audrey Kawasaki, Vania Zouravliov, Franklin Booth, Harry Clarke, James Jean, Aubrey Beardsley, Berni Wrightson, Putrid, Florian Bertmer, Ken Taylor and Joao Ruas. I often look at these artists to see how they work, I discovered Audrey Kawasaki when I was 15 and she changed the way I drew faces forever. Soon afterwards I found out about Vania Zouravliov. He's my favorite artist and I have a piece of his tattooed on my arm. When I started doing work for bands I discovered artists like Putrid and Halseycaust.. seeing what they do empowered me to forge my own path. I like to think I am a mixed up version of most of my influences, I can't help but take what they do and make it my own, it is all part of my process.Music has a very strong influence on my work.
All of my work (in the past 2 years) has been based on a song. My latest piece has been based on a Sarcofago song. Music inspires me the most when it comes to creating work. I especially take the time to read into lyrics when I really get hooked on a song.. that tends to spark ideas for new pieces.

-I know you study at the 'Liz Buckingham' School of Visual Arts haha..Do you work other than doing art? Like a 'day job' so to speak?
Yes I do, I'm approaching my Junior year and I can't wait for it to be over. Currently I have a job at the computer lab at my school.

-You mainly do work for bands and labels these days. How did you get involved and whats some of your best/worst experiences been so far? Do you enjoy working with any type of bands specifically?
It all started when I was 17 years old and living in Philadelphia on scholarship for a summer program at UArts. I met my first boyfriend who was in a band at the time. I mentioned that I could draw and he immediately wanted me to draw something up for his band, It all snowballed from there as I met more people who were in bands/ involved in music. I drew a shirt design for his band and never got paid. Any experience where the artist is ripped off is a horrible one. I don't want to waste my time with bands that have no intentions to pay me for my efforts. Though there are circumstances where there will be an exception, such as my friends who are touring and are in need of a shirt design. It is the nature of this "business" unfortunately. Punks and Metalheads tend to be broke, and if someone is a no name artist starting out this is going to happen to them plenty of times, but the more work artists make for bands the more they will become noticed, so "paying your dues" will help artists in the long run. On the other hand I have begun to have great experiences, I have done posters for bands I admire and have made money off of my artwork. There is nothing like walking to a show with a portfolio full of heavy posters and wondering if you will sell them all and leaving with an empty portfolio feeling like you are doing something right. The way I felt leaving Ghost's recent performance at Webster Hall with my empty portfolio is a something I will never forget. It was exhilarating.

-How much input do bands have when it comes to the creating process?
Bands rarely give you full reign over subject matter, most of the time they ask for sketches of their ideas before the piece is finalized for them. In some cases it becomes a great experience for the artist to create whatever they like, and to have the band give them feedback on what needs to be changed/redrawn. It really depends on whom you are working with. Some bands completely trust your judgement whilst some bands have a specific image they would like to uphold for themselves, and it is your job to deliver. The process tends to be exciting either way because I love tackling a hard challenge.

-I know you recently did some artwork for a skate deck. How did this project come about? Is skateboarding/skate art something your interested in? Do you have any interest in the gods of skate art like Jim Phillips etc?
Yes, for KCDC Skateshop in Brooklyn, NY. It all began when I was selling my posters at EYEHATEGOD, Towards the end of the show I completely sold out but decided to take down the emails of people who still wanted a poster since I had a few extras at home. One of them happened to be the owner of KCDC. When I delivered a poster to her I noticed that the shop collaborated with other artists. Later that night I emailed her asking if she was interested in collaborating with me and she was really excited to have me do a skate deck for the shop. I'm very interested in working with skate shops/companies because I think it will allow me to branch out beyond band artwork and tackle different subject matter. I have much respect for Dennis Mcnett, Jim Phillips, and Mike Giant.

-Where abouts do you do most of your drawing? Do you have a specific space or studio?
You can find me in the SVA Print lab or at home hunched over my drafting table 6 or 5 days out of the week.

-Do you use a lot of reference material to create your artwork? Or is just weird stuff that seeps from your brain onto paper?
In rare cases I tend to have a very strong image in my mind when I have a great idea, I definitely need reference such as taking countless pictures of myself on my laptop in order to draw bodies in correct poses or drapery. I have a good amount of art books that I use for reference and look at my favorite artists to see how they work and it helps me put things in perspective for myself. Google images and certain tumblr blogs are also a guilty pleasure that I often use for certain things such as trees or rotting skeletons.

-"Serious” females in the underground metal scene are often few and far between.. You seem to be forging your own path where no other females have really gone recently in terms of this style and this scene. How do you feel about being a female in a male orientated arena? Do you find it intimidating or liberating?
I really don't give it much thought because I find myself really easy going and don't feel like I am a "stranger in a strange land" I don't think I am the only one because there are women like Halseycaust and Alexandra Snelgrove doing work for bands and I certainly am not the last. What tends to annoy me are women who think they are "special" because they know a lot about metal music and it is somehow seen as a rarity these days, I don't really think it matters either way and people who continue to behave like this will emphasize the fact that it is a male dominated genre rather than treating it like a unity of people who are passionate about this genre of music. I do realize that there are less women around but I don't think the amount is scarce. Although I have met some females who "dress the part" I don't mainly target females as doing this since I have met many males that do this as well. I believe it goes for all genres of music "scenes" because there are just some people who try too hard to fit in.

-How much of your work is done on photoshop/computer? What sort of medium do you prefer to use?
I despise photoshop and try to use it as little as possible, none of my work has been created using photoshop, except for very rare cases when I need to "clean up" an image after it is finished. All of my posters have been hand drawn/lettered. I take much pride in the fact that I don't choose the "easy" way out because it robs the artist of the process of working. I don't feel like I am creating art when I am sitting in front of a computer trying to render an image, it just doesn't feel right to me. I love to work with pen and ink, I also prefer better materials over cheaper ones, I love using Sennelier inks and my Cretacolor watercolor palette, As well as Fabriano and BFK rives paper. The better your supplies are the better your work will be.

-Have you ever shown your work in a public space like a gallery? Would you like to?
Not until recently! I am finally going to have my work shown at St. Vitus bar on Sept 25th in Brooklyn, NY. It's a group show and I'm very excited to see the turn out.

-What was the first record you ever bought?
The first lp I ever purchased was "Some Girls" by the Rolling Stones. It was in the Used section at Vintage Vinyl in NJ. I was around 14 or 15 at the time.

-What are your top 5 mandatory albums that you feel 'sums you up'?
"Screaming for Vengeance" by Judas Priest - I have the album artwork tattooed on my right arm, It's one of my favorites. The Void side on the Void/Faith split - This band is one of my favorite hardcore punk bands, so angry and raw. The song "My Rules" sums me up. "Dynasty" by KISS - My favorite album by one of my favorite bands."Powerslave" by Iron Maiden - Their best album."Black Sabbath" by Black Sabbath - The title track on this album made me freeze in my tracks when I first heard it. Essential.

-What can we expect to see from you in the next few years? Have you got a 'dream project' in mind?
I hope to branch out and work editorially, for magazines and for other clients outside of the realm of music etc.. while still continuing to work with bands. My ultimate dream is to live off of illustrating for others. I'd also like to open up a space similar to Tara McPherson's "Cotton Candy Machine." Fingers Crossed.

-Thanks so much Dilek! Can't wait to see what you come up with next!! Feel free to leave some contact details 6ft below!!
Thank you for your time Rebecca!
Dilek Baykara

Rippikoulu - Musta Seremonia - FINNISH DEATH METAL FROM THE GRAVE

This demo is a invaluable artefact from the days of the once godly 80s and 90s Finnish death metal scene, and after years of trying desperately to track this demo down to no avail and impatiently waiting for someone to put some cash into reissuing it, recently SVART RECORDS has reissued this demo into an amazing LP and CD, with shirts available too..Half a dozen tracks of some of the most miserable and abysmal death doom to date, this is truly an absolutely classic piece of early death metal in its most primitive(and finest) form!!


Disma is founded and viciously executed by members of Funebrarum and Incantation, and aside from reputation alone being enough to check this band out, this recently released three track demo tape ‘The Vault of Membros’ is one of the precious few releases of late that’s seriously blown me away.. Well, enough to waste your time reading about it anyways..
Over the past few years, Death Metal bands new and old have appeared to have either totally lost the fucking plot, or are just in the process of an embarrassing fall from grace; Disma however is a band that is surprisingly innovative and simultaneously unyieldingly ‘true’ within the ominous sound and dark legacy of the 1990’s Finnish and Swedish death metal scene as well as the devastatingly heavy acts of early US death metal such as Incantation, Morpheus Descends, Autopsy.. Overflowing with bleak and brooding vokills and set against a backdrop of turbulent, intensely hypnotic riffs of Pure fucking Death, Daryl Kahan and Bill Venner’s riffs swarm with morbid throwbacks to (un)godly bands like Abhorrence, Xysma.
Two out of three songs on this demo are epically over 6min long, and being on cassette the production alone is raw enough to please even the purist of DM sticklers I would imagine...
Considering this is only a three track demo, DISMA and the brutality yet to come is indeed something to look forward to..
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Most of you will (should!) already know the cult death/grind masters of the bizarre, Catasexual Urge Motivation. Throughout the 90’s these 2 Japanese murder-obsessed perverts produced some of the most original and insanely complex death/grind to date.Catasexual Urge Motivation is the true showcase of cruelty and bloodshed translated into music, music for serial killers!!!This interview was originally in 1997 by Chris for issue 4 of Subcide Zine(NZ) which never eventuated.
Please note - the contact and merch details at the end of this interview probably aren't relevant these days, so don't go sending your cash or love letters to any of the addresses below.

You have some really long and bizarre titles for some of your songs. Please give an explanation for each of the following titles and give a brief description of each of the songs lyrical content:
- The Man Who Aimed At Maximum Murder To The Greatest Pleasure
- He Shot Her Down And Ate Her Flesh, And Then He Said "Excuse Me For Living But I Preferred To Be Eaten Rather Than To Eat"
- I'll Confess Everything That I Have Ever Killed 5 People And One Was A Little Girl
- The Legacy Of A Serial Killer Lives On Forever Due To Their Uncanny Ability to Capture The Interests Of The Worlds Spectators Through The Extreme Quality, Quantity, Method, And Results Of Their Actions.

Okay, I will try. But most of our song titles talk about what the song contains in it when you read it. That's why they're quite long. Well, "The man..." is about a man who did that, hahaha. He wanted to have world's record of killing. We named it because the song fits for the title I guess. "He shot her down..." is about a Japanese cannibal called Issei Sagawa who killed (shot his gun) and ate Dutch exchange student (female, of course) in his Paris apartment in '81. This song is a kind of his confession that he wanted to eat her but his actual motive was to be eaten by women. He still wants to eat women. "I'll confess..." is not my idea and I don't know exact content. 99 % of lyrics were written by my younger brother in Japanese. This song is really weird and I asked him for a strange song title. I think the lyrical content of the song is related or similar to "He shot her down...” a confession of a serial killer. "The legacy of..." is our newer song that will be featured on our second album and the demo version is now on the 'Shadows of Michelangelo' magazine's compilation CD sampler. What I can say about the song is that just read it, feel it, take it and swallow it. Sorry that they're not brief descriptions as most of them were written in Japanese. Sometimes I sing in Japanese, sometimes not. It depends on what kind of mood I am in. It's really hard for us to say philosophical words in English, so Japanese parts remained that are about philosophy.

Please tell us about your current CD release "The Encyclopedia Of Serial Murders". Are you happy with the way it came out, production and recording wise? What sort of reaction and level of success has it gained? Are you happy with the promotion and distribution Deliria Productions have given it? Has the CD gained C.U.M. any interest from any other bigger recording labels? How can readers get hold of it?
At the time we recorded and mixed it, we were really pleased
with it. We re-recorded some of our previous songs because they're not as good as we wanted. And so production goes, too. We just wanted a very extreme album with sickness and heaviness. I honestly think we failed the production. Because we have now really good sound compare to the CD tracks. We think the CD is our best at the time, but not in the future. To be honest, we want to re-mix most of the songs and re-release it with new vocals on another label who might be interested in our second album or something. We think first album of a band is very regretful and we felt so. Probably I won't be satisfied with our second album, as I'm a perfectionist. It depends on how the label will support us to record it, financial and promotion wise I mean. We just gained with the album a debut. We've also released other several stuff but the main focus is albums. We haven't gained other than that. I think I'm not really happy with the promotion and distribution the label has given us. Frank of the label is my personal friend and I understand that he's many plans and his own life and of course busy. He's a dedicated and trustworthy guy but I think we won't release anything on the label as he hates Death fuckin' Metal but we're Death Metal. Hell no, we haven't have any other offers. We have now a new promo tape that contains brand new 5 songs and they will be featured on our second album, and let's see what happened with it in the future. The debut CD can be purchased from Deliria productions, c/o Frank Riesinger, Martin-Luther-Str.23, 71636 Ludwigsburg, Germany for Europe/$15, world/$18 (airmail) or $15 (surface). We don't have many copies left, so order directly to the label. Thank you.

Exactly who is "Cyber E.M.F/chaos"? Why is the brother of the Sadochist so perverted? Where does the drum machine come into all of this?
Cyber E.M.F. is our machine-made drummer. It's a machine but has attitude. I help the programming but the actual sound came out from within the box. Yeah, we're so perverted because we love fetishism, S/M art, torture, cannibalism, vampirism, bloodshed, bizarre tales, macabre story, etc. I like weird sex. To use drum machine is my idea and this way there will be less argument between members. We're two-piece and brothers, so there will be no line-up change. One more reason is that we're influenced by Industrial music rhythm-wise. That's why we use it.

In the year 1993 how exactly did Catasexual Urge Motivation go on a journey to search themselves and try to become the sickest band that ever existed?
Beyond description. That's why we're here and brutal and sick and heavy as fuck.

Your band bio mentions a number of already recorded releases that aren't out yet such as "Cyber Gore" an industrial album, another album called "Fantasy Wants Victim" and also a MCD of cover versions called "They Made Us Extremely Sick". Please tell us about each of these releases. What compilation tracks have you recorded and for what compilations were / are they recorded for?
"Cyber Gore" meant to be just a fun listen. At the time we recorded it, we're really into Industrial rhythm and we thought that if we re-arranged a normal Grind/Death song to very industrial oriented one, that would be cool and we like the idea. So far we've recorded 7 Industrial version songs for it but never sees the daylight because no one has been interested. Probably in the future, it will be released, at least I hope. But 'hope' is senseless. I hate 'hope'. Perhaps, there will be no hope. I don't know. "Fantasy Wants Victim..." compilation album was meant to be released on V. records but the label ripped us off. Also Gulli records offered us a deal but they also refused, as they're too busy. What a joke!!!! Both labels offered us but they quit to release it. I don't really mind because the album is just a compilation album recorded various dates/sound. It's not our second album. I'm sure the album won't be released. We also don't want to. It's too late to release it. We've progressed, and the songs on it we aren't really pleased with today. We used some tracks for upcoming cass. EP's. Cover MCD also was a plan. We asked to some labels with it but they didn't want to release cover album. We just wanted to say 'thank you' to those who we covered, they're innovators of Death/Grind. I don't know who will release it. Maybe not. It also was just fun to record them. Probably there will only be second album next time, I'm not sure. Compilation CD's that we contributed so far are: 'Shadows of Michelangelo' magazine comp. CD sampler (already out),
Ecocentric records comp. CD, Dolphins records comp. CD 'Stranger than Paradise pt.2' (two fuckin' years delay!!! but not out yet), Visceral productions comp. CD, Extremist records comp. CD, Fuck You records pop song cover comp. CD, and a couple more. All of the tracks are unreleased.

Early 1994, Catasexual Urge Motivation found a new dimension of sickness, morbid perversions, and ultimate gore in philosophical views, which strongly involved the following things. What do each of these things mean to you?
- Serial Killers:
I like serial killing more than mass murdering. We don't worship murderers and killers like most of bands that write about that. We're psychologists of murder and we perform psychological aspect only. Serial killers have most unique mind to do research for. I'm very interested in why they did it, what they thought, what was the motives, etc. Human beings are all slaughter and our history proves it. But modern crimes, especially serial killing is not really simple to talk about in a word. So that is a most definite topic.
- Mass Murderers: A man talked to himself about how many people have I killed. This is the reason he cannot count because he cannot stop killing. Murder is his life. To kill is to live. This also is very interesting as above.
- Sexual Homicide: Man killed woman because of his sexual desire. Murder is erotic. He knows it.
- Torture: To hear screaming of death is what I long for. It shivers me.
- Rape: This is not physical movement. To rape one's mind is the one I wanted to say. First the mind, second the body. Talk to her sweetly and give slow death with raping.
- Cannibalism: You know the ancient history. We ate each other at the time. But now? Religion doesn’t allow us to do that. Animals eat animals, and we should eat people. This is my opinion. And this is my opinion on cannibalism. It's not illegal.
- Vampirism: Believe it or not, I really wanted to become a vampire at my younger days. I was possessed. Vampire is my father. Blood is my mother. I am a vampire, too.
- Mutilation: Murder is art. What do you use when you draw or build a sculpture? Dead body just lying on the floor is not interesting to me. To make it better, that means to mutilate the body and create an original sculpture with the body. Human body is a canvas. You can paint it, cut and paste it, taste it, move it, and feel it.
- Sadism: Violence. Anger. Hatred.

You guys have a really cool Web Site "Murder Web" on the Internet. Please tell us about it.
We started it almost two years ago. Since then, I became an Internet junkie. It's not perfect yet. I'm studying about the Internet and web site. Our site is almost always under construction but stop by, if you dare. The world's most brutal site I'm sure. I've added to it an access counter in Feb. '97 and since then, nearly 5000 people have visited. I think our web site is not just a band's site. I also will start up a homepage building site called web TECH studio.

What is your opinion on the Heavensgate mass suicides? Where do you think the 38 dead are now that they're shed their human bodies? Who do you think was right, them or us?
I know of it but not exactly. There's always somebody using religion to get earned money or to be famous. You know the Aum Supreme Truth in Japan, Branch Davidian (I forgot the spell!!! Please correct it if I wrong.) etc. is current happenings. I wonder when somebody will use the Internet to do that. I think Heavensgate is Internet version of People's temple.

I've just gotten hold of the Catasexual Urge Motivation / Egrosid split cassette from Crust War Tapes in Australia. Please tell us about it. Why isn't this release mentioned in your Discography? What's the story behind the cover of Madonna's "Like A Virgin" you have featured on it?
I haven't received it yet. We don't count rehearsal tapes as our official releases. I'm not satisfied with the label's job. I think there will be one or two rehearsal tapes around but I haven't heard them. Do not buy it, hahaha. The idea of "Like A Virgin" cover is that Fuck You records wanted us to do a cover song but not Metal song. The offered us a cover song from pop music that should be re-arranged to extreme music. So I choose Madonna's song. I'm a music junkie and have listened to so many music genres. To play Metal cover song is really easy but to play pop song cover is very interesting because we changed (destroyed, if you ask me, hahaha) everything that original song has. As I said, the track will be featured on F.Y. records' comp. CD soon. Watch out. I think the cover version is really crazy. The most hyperultrasupergruesomedeathnoisegoremetal cover tune as far as I know. What do you think?

What are Catasexual Urge Motivation’s plans for the future? What merchandise do you have available? Last comments?
Soon to be out are "What do you kill for" cass. EP on Icy Illusions records (Czech) and split cass. EP with Negligent Collateral Collapse (Czech) on Bizarre Leprous prod. (Czech). Both material includes remastered tracks from "Fantasy Wants Victim...", never-released album and some extra new songs and remixes. And comp. CD's that I mentioned earlier will follow. After that, we should get a deal with good and trustworthy label for our second album which entitled as "Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law". I guess it will be out within 1998. It depends on label interest. The album will be the most definitely brutal Death Gore Metal. Can't wait to record it. The followings are currently available from the band:
'Rape Trauma Syndrome' demo '95...$3 (5 songs)
split demo with Goropsy' demo '96...$5 (9 songs)
split 7"ep with Squash Bowels...$6
split 7"ep with Slough...$6
'Satsujin Live' studio live session '96...$5 (17 songs)
'Shadows of Michelangelo' magazine comp. CD...$5
4 bands compilation 7"ep 'Hungry Urinary Urn'...$5
For our debut CD, order directly to Deliria productions (address above).
Thank you for this great interview, Chris. Really a great job. Very informative and well thought out questions. Thanx again. So long.
1-26-3-204, MIYAGI



The following Gehenna interview was conducted by Rob Nabbe from Insult/Skulhog a while ago, originally for his own printzine that hasn't quite eventuated as of yet. Needless to say I was more than happy to take it off his hands! Big thanks for this interview, and your generous donation to Vomitose 3 Rob!

Being one of my all-time favourite bands for about 11 years now, I’m very pleased to introduce you guys to Orange’s GEHENNA.
Rabid HC/Thrash with a violent and commanding live-presence.
Bow down before the seven crowns as vocalist Mike Cheese and I discuss nun-whores, hovercrafts and Turbojugend amongst other things.

Where to fucking start? How are you doing? If I had to believe all the rumours and gossip out there, you guys would either be dead or in jail somewhere. As a band and especially as a vocalist, GEHENNA has a violent reputation. Fights, stabbings…etc…
Would you like to comment on this subject-matter?

Fuck! Where do I start?!? I guess I'm doing alright. I've been staying high (from one thing or another) and managing to survive without too much along the lines of a job. So all in all I guess that's pretty good. I've been able to stay away from cops and out of jail. Most of the rest of the band has been doing the same. All of us have been working on other project bands, recording and stuff too. As far as the reputation and rumours about GEHENNA being a violent band...
The only thing I'll say about that is that life is violent. GEHENNA is just a direct representation of the violence in life. We don’t make music about "The Good Times" or the days that were the "Best of Times" or any of that stuff because those things in life are temporary. They are distractions from reality. And while everybody likes to feel good there are plenty of things that a person could take to distract them from life. Our music is based on the belief that violence and anger are far from being a rare phenomenon. They are the central and unavoidable parts of human nature and key pieces of human survival and existence.

I witnessed you guys play in Europe about 10 years ago and I can understand where those rumours are coming from. In a scene filled with spineless, wannabe thugs and tree-hugging hippies exchanging poetry and walking barefoot, a raw-ass Punk/Metal-band Like yourselves stands out musically and attitude-wise. Stuff like HELLHAMMER and GG ALLIN bizarrely come to mind when listening to GEHENNA.
Of course HELLHAMMER and G.G. ALLIN are huge influences!! So are bands like SARCOFAGO, INFEST, FU'S, and G.I.S.M.! All of those bands were devastating in every aspect. They all have had a huge impact on every member of GEHENNA and they still influence the music we write today.

GEHENNA shares it’s name with a bunch of Scandinavian Metal-bands.The overall grim vibe of your music can be compared to early ‘90s Black Metal stuff like DARKTHRONE and BURZUM. Do you think those bands have things in common with you guys?
It's funny that you say we "share" our name. We had it first and like I already told them, they are welcome to fight us for the name if they have the balls to. They wear dresses! What are they gonna do to us? Fuck them. I'll piss in their fucking faces.
We are the only GEHENNA that ever existed. Those fucking pussies are lame. As far as what we share with DARKTHRONE it is probably in the sound and feel because we listen to the same stuff. I'm sure Fenriz and Noturno Culto have really similar record collections. They also seem to write music the same way we do and have similar end results. I think they play live as much as we do too.

Wehehehe!! I recently read this book dealing with that whole scene (‘Lords of Chaos’) and that BURZUM-clown is definitely fucked in the brain. Believing there’s some sort of connection between aliens and the Aryan race. What about the link between nun-whores and hovercrafts? Do you think they are as menacing as the media wants us to believe?
I think Varg Vikernes wrote some great music at one time. I think his big mistake though was that he believes that one race of people is better than another which is ridiculous. All people are shit. For him to make the weakest electronic shit music now as a reaction to how much he hates "Non-White Music" proves he is fucking confused. It is kind of funny though. It's like he realized how many dorks and losers liked his band and he did everything he could to insult them. That is funny as fuck. I kind of like him a lot for that, but the new music does suck. But the thought of making the worst shit records to make money of off idiots is funny.
It's like Seth from ANAL CUNT's band VAGINAL JESUS. Funny shit. As far as the link between aliens and Aryans go, I think they are quite similar in the fact that neither of them exist. There is no such thing as a human of pure Aryan bloodline. And there is no such thing as alien life. Which is the same as nun-whores and Hovercraft. They both exist and are key pieces to the sexual dreams of every man and woman on the planet. But that is because the media makes nun-whores out to be much more slutty than they really are in day to day life.

Whatever… Can we expect GEHENNA to release any new shit or Tour Europe soon? It’s been way too long.

Touring won’t happen, cause we are only in the same city to practice and record for about 2 weeks one time every two years. One member of the band lives in Reno Nevada, another in Phoenix Arizona, another in Portland, Oregon, On in Santa Cruz, California, and I live in the city of Orange, California. So the shortest distance between any of us is a 5 hour car ride. So we never practice unless we are going to record. And playing live sucks too. I hate going to places and sitting around hearing stupid bands and hearing stupid kids talk about stupid things. I hate trying to get paid after the show. I hate all of that shit. I'd rather just record music and release records. Then I don’t have to deal with that shit. We are working on some new stuff right now. I got a tape in the mail of 3 new songs recently so we should have something on the way pretty soon.

Talking about Europe. You’ve recently made a trip overseas involving the WELTTURBOJUGENDTAGE, am I correct? I found out by accident that you’re a member of the Jugend-chapter of Orange County. Tell us about that and why people should give one flying fuck about TURBONEGRO (besides the fact that ‘ASSCOBRA’ and ‘APOCALYPSE DUDES’ are briliant).
Yeah, I've spent about 4 months on and off in Europe between March 2004 and May 2005. I spent most of my time in Madrid, Spain. But I also went to both WELTTURBOJUGENDTAGE ..1 and WELTTURBOJUGENDTAGE ..2.
I'm in TURBOJUGEND ORANGE. I'm not in that bullshit-assed ORANGE COUNTY shit club. ORANGE COUNTY is a fake chapter full of Christian wimps and Jesus freak- nerds. TURBOJUGEND ORANGE is all guys who hate the fuck out of religion.
Fuck the county! The city of ORANGE is all that will ever matter!! Let those county sissies go to church and suck shit for a living. TJ ORANGE will be at the bar, or the record shop!!! Personally I don’t care if people like TURBONEGRO or not.
I like them because they are great people and great musicians (yes even Hank) who seem to get better with every record. Have you heard the new one (at that time), PARTY ANIMALS? Just a bunch of songs.
It’s fucking flawless!! They mix a ton of great stuff together and come out with one of the best records of the year! Any band that can do that and still stay true to themselves are inspiring to me. Like NIFELHEIM for example. I've always thought they were the best Metal band because every one of their records is increasingly devastating! When I saw them live at the Sweden Rock-fest in 2004, I was completely fucking blown away! Now I'm positive and will say without a question that in my opinion NIFELHEIM are the best Metal band playing music right now!

That’s cool…Never really looked into NIFELHEIM, but than again I’m not into Black metal. Who seems to be into Black metal, is Hank von Helvete. What the fuck is up with his make-up?? Kinda looks like Alice Cooper wearing a couple of widespread assholes around the eyes!!
I'm not too sure what's up with Hank’s make-up, you'll have to ask him.
I like those guys a lot though. They are all really good guys to hang out with and they all like great music. Just ask Tom about the GETO BOYS. Or talk with Chris about THE CRO-MAGS ‘Age Of Quarrel’ LP, or with Knut about AGENT ORANGE. Those guys are all fun guys to drink with too. And they didn't even give me any static about smoking crack either. You can’t beat that

Can we ever expect GEHENNA to perform live completely denim-clad with sailor-hats and shit? That would be good for a giggle!!
No!! That will never happen. I'm the only guy in the band that is in the TURBOJUGEND. I think everybody in the band likes the music, but I'm the only JUGEND member. I know for a fact that everybody in the band enjoys rock and roll.

Since R’N’R is all about sex, drugs and violence. You seem to be the party-type. Alcohol, weed and cigarettes are my weapons of choice. Rumour has it you guys had a bit of a rumble at a show in Belgium with some Hardline Straight edge-crew, because you guys broke ‘The Edge’.
Yeah!! Drugs, booze, and cigarettes are some of the best things that ever happened to me too!! A lot of sXe kids took that shit personally though, but I don’t give a shit. Kids make up bullshit stories all of the time. Nothing really bad ever happened at all in the U.S. or Europe. Sure, I bashed in some kid’s face or a guitar hit a guy or whatever, but most of that shit is all rumours... I guess in all of those rumours there is some truth in them. No one has ever tested GEHENNA without getting fucked up. So to all of the "chat room historians" talking about how they're "gonna shoot me for beating their friend’s brother", think about it first before you try to test my knuckle-game. I've never really cared about going to jail or if the planet has one more newly maimed, or crippled or scarred up motherfucker on it. I don’t care about sexism, so I WILL beat your girlfriend or sister up too. Think about it. What is a computer-geek gonna do to a guy who is wired on speed and numbed up on PCP, that has no reason to live??? Nothing! Stay at home or in your seat in the restaurant or on the other side of the club.
You don’t want to get hurt or fucked up!!

Settle down, homeboy!! Wehehehehe!! Punk rock is getting way too fucking soft these days. The element of fear is totally missing at shows. As a young kid it was fucking exciting and scary to go to Punkrock-shows.
The big Skinhead and scary Punk-types are replaced by Spock-haircuts, sandals, backpacks and rich-kid gangster clowns practising the latest Mosh moves in front of their whore-mom’s mirror. Do you still feel related to this scene at all?

Without a question Punkrock has gotten too soft. But fuck, Metal is too soft now. Rap is too soft now. Everything is too safe. All of the bands look the same and sound the same. It's so safe and contrived it is fucking pathetic. That is why I don’t even want to play live. People don’t even deserve the pleasure of seeing GEHENNA. Bands don’t even get the chance to hear our shit and try to understand it any more. So that is why I can’t relate to almost anything anymore. I think anyone that likes GEHENNA will understand that.
If not then fuck them!!

Years ago you were doing this little record-label called REVOLUTIONARY POWER TOOLS. Are you still involved in releasing new talent? And more importantly…Is there any talent left out there? Any cool bands we should know about?
I'm not releasing records on the label anymore, but if I were there are only a few records I would want to do. Bands like CITY SCUM, the ORPHANS, VAGRANT VINNIE AND THE INSTIGATORS, are all great Punk rock bands. TAFKATA, LANDMINE MARATHON, BEYOND THE GRAVE, are all really ugly violent sounding bands. And the PLAYERS CLUB is the best classic Rock and roll band I've seen in a long time. The BINDLE STIFFS are a great Country and western band, I loved seeing them live. My friend Flo from Austria and I went to go see a surf band called the DUO TONES that were fucking amazing!!!
I like checking out new bands but I hate scenes and shows, cause most of the bands out there suck.

Right, get ready for this one. If you would be a fucking superhero Mexican wrestler fighting prehistoric Japanese beasts and ex-girlfriends. Who would you be and what special powers/weapons would you benefit from in battle?
Don’t give me that crap about leather moustaches or sailor-hats!!

That is a tough question!! I guess I'd have some magic dust I would inhale through my nose to turn me into a tireless fighting machine. Or alcohol-acid vomit and blinding clouds of menthol smoke. I guess I'd be called something like THE SUBSTANCE ABUSER.

Right, good answer. Mike, I would like to thank you for your time.
Is there anything you would like to add here? Any diseases we should definitely catch? Declarations of war, love or any bogus religion you’d like to promote?

Get fucked up, and show no remorse!!
Cheers, man. Take it sleazy and catch ya later.

Since this interview took place a while ago, I can inform you guys that GEHENNA has started playing shows again. They’ve already done an American tour about a month ago and is about to release splits with the likes of REPROACH and CALIFORNIA LOVE.