Disma is founded and viciously executed by members of Funebrarum and Incantation, and aside from reputation alone being enough to check this band out, this recently released three track demo tape ‘The Vault of Membros’ is one of the precious few releases of late that’s seriously blown me away.. Well, enough to waste your time reading about it anyways..
Over the past few years, Death Metal bands new and old have appeared to have either totally lost the fucking plot, or are just in the process of an embarrassing fall from grace; Disma however is a band that is surprisingly innovative and simultaneously unyieldingly ‘true’ within the ominous sound and dark legacy of the 1990’s Finnish and Swedish death metal scene as well as the devastatingly heavy acts of early US death metal such as Incantation, Morpheus Descends, Autopsy.. Overflowing with bleak and brooding vokills and set against a backdrop of turbulent, intensely hypnotic riffs of Pure fucking Death, Daryl Kahan and Bill Venner’s riffs swarm with morbid throwbacks to (un)godly bands like Abhorrence, Xysma.
Two out of three songs on this demo are epically over 6min long, and being on cassette the production alone is raw enough to please even the purist of DM sticklers I would imagine...
Considering this is only a three track demo, DISMA and the brutality yet to come is indeed something to look forward to..
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