Funebrarum bring back the glory days when Brutal Death Metal still ruled the underground and was associated with legendary bands like Funebre, Demigod, Xysma, Demilich, Grave.
Surprisingly these guys are American, and aren't even from Scandinavia, but they still manage to pull of this style to early 90’s underground perfection.I talked to Daryl recently about their upcoming split with Internment, and what the bands been up to in the years since their formation.

Hey Daryl, thanks very much man for taking the time to complete this interview for Vomitose Zine!
Hey Rebecca, Thanks to you for having us in your putrid zine. Hails to you and our Australian metal brothers and sisters!

So what’s the story behind Funebrarum? I know you all you guys have been in other bands like Evoken and Abazagorath for many years. How did Funebrarum form?
In 1995, I met a guy named Dario Derna who had moved to our area from Seattle, Washington, USA. He was playing keyboards in Evoken. I was impressed by his black metal solo recordings and immediately asked him to join Abazagorath as our vocalist. He had been the drummer for West Coast bands: Infester, Meatshits and currently Drawn and Quartered. Over the next few years Evoken and Abazagorath became good friends.Nick Orlando (Evoken's guitarist) and I would occasionally discuss our similar demo collections and interest in obscure death metal. We said that we should form a band but due to our other bands being busy it never came about. A couple of years later in 1999 we began rehearsals as Funebrarum with Dario on drums, Nick on guitar and myself on vocals. During this time we wrote our first few tracks "Depths of Misery", "Kingdom of Suffering Souls" etc. With several songs down we recorded the first Funebrarum demo entitled "Triumphant Ascent". Nick played both the guitar and bass tracks on the demo, which sounded like a planet exploding. We received a good response to the tape and copies sold out quickly. Dave Wagner (Abazagorath) was asked joined the band on bass directly after. In 2000, Dario returned to Seattle after recording several albums and playing numerous shows with both Abazagorath and Evoken.At one of Roy Fox's shows I met a drummer named Brian Jimenez, who was playing in a band called Eschaton at the time. He joined the band along with second guitarist, Dan Dornbierer to solidify the band's first complete line-up. We resumed regular rehearsals and ended up playing some great shows with bands like Mortician, Mayhem, Hate Eternal, Impaled and Exhumed. Dan left the band to play black metal bringing the band back to a four piece. We released a rehearsal promo around this time as well. Sometime in 2001 we entered Backstage Studios to record our second demo entitled "Tombs of Sleeping Darkness". We circulated this demo on CDR to a few friends and bands we knew but really didn't send it to labels that much, although Earache had expressed some interest us. Eventually, Roy Fox (Necroharmonic) offered to help us out and put the record out. In 2002, the "Beneath the Columns of Abandoned Gods" album was released.Due to personal problems Brian decided to quit the band, leaving Dave, Nick and myself to find a new drummer. We had absolutely no luck finding a suitable replacement and had some real winners try out. We had one guy show up with a pro stick case, leather playing gloves, tour van etc.. But he couldn't play a single beat, another guy was so stoned he couldn't remember the parts. We gave up on looking and continued to write new songs as a living room project with a manually played drum machine. The band almost entered the grave for good around this time.In 2003, with a session drummer Justin DeTorre we re-recorded several old songs for our next official release, the 7" EP "Dormant Hallucination," which came out on Wes Blackwulf's label, Midnight 666 Records. He did an awesome job with it not to mention the godly Dan Seagrave art on the cover. This record was pressed on several different coloured vinyl and is completely sold out.A year or so passed until we met up with Shawn Eldritch, a highly skilled drummer from Southern, New Jersey. He was asked to join Funebrarum and was soon followed by ex -Eschaton guitarist, Matt Medeiros. Now in 2006 the band is complete with the strongest and best line-up of its existence.

What was your vision for Funebrarum? Did you have firm ideas on what sound you were going for?
From the very first discussion Nick and I knew exactly what we were looking for - Down tuned, ultra heavy old school death metal - plain and simple. Nick's guitar tone / riffs and Dave's bass make up a large part of the band's sound. With the original formula intact and new members bringing alot of skill and ideas into the song writing - it's like Funebrarum on steroids.

There seems to be a sudden trend I've noticed lately of digging up and re appreciating a lot of the older Dm and Thrash from the 90’s at the moment, It would seem people are getting bored of what today’s scene has to offer in a lot of ways.. What’s your view on today’s Brutal Death Metal scene??
To be completely honest I don't follow today's death metal scene that closely. It seems alot of bands/ fans today are obsessed with retro trends and image. It's hard to find real substance in new death metal releases but maybe I’m not finding the cool bands or looking hard enough. Three members of Funebrarum (including myself) are older metal heads in our 30's who grew up tape trading in the underground so we play DM out of a sheer appreciation for the music. I try to stay informed and support the current scene and bands but not much besides the new Bolt Thrower, Eviscium, Evocation and the new Celtic Frost album has really peaked my interest. I still listen to all the old demos and shit.. Never gets old.

Beneath the Columns… has had an awesome underground response, although Funebrarum seems to have stayed fairly low key in alot of aspects. Is this intentional?
We lost members basically and that slowed our progress plus we were busy focusing on our other bands. To a degree I think it has helped in a way that we stayed in the shadows but I wouldn't recommend it.

Are your previous releases/demos still available??
Our first album "Beneath the Columns of Abandoned Gods" is still available from We had plans to release "Beneath..." on vinyl with bonus demo tracks but it never materialized. Possibly down the road we will release something like it.

How often do you guys play gigs??? Is there much interest in Funebrarum around your area?
We haven't played a gig in a long time but will be playing our first show in years on May 31st with Demilich in Brooklyn, New York. We have a small fan base in our immediate area but receive mail from fans overseas mainly. Hopefully with more frequent live appearances and the new album this will change.

Necroharmonic is one of the best labels around, any reason aside from the obvious you chose to go with Sleazy Roy??? Will your future releases be on Necroharmonic?
Roy is an old and good friend of mine who shares a similar taste in music and films. He has supported my bands since day one and is totally dedicated to the scene so I owe my allegiance to him - not to mention he is a hell of a guy. To most people he will diss you to your face..haha. That’s what I like about the guy.After our first album I became his art director and the A&R guy coordinating releases with Necroharmonic and our own label Morbid Wrath Records i.e.: Gorement, Mucupurulent, Abazagorath. Our next album will be coming out on Necroharmonic with support from our partner label in Australia, Bloodharmonic run by Damon Bloodstorm. Necroharmonic is the best label around for real underground releases without a doubt.

Funebrarum was partly recommended on several occasions to me by Damon Bloodstorm, Do you have any interest or contacts in the Australian/New Zealand scene?
Damon rules. I am actually taking a break from designing the Corpse Molestation CD to do this interview. I am very interested in your scene. Some personal favourites are Acheron / Abramelin, Disembowelment, Necrotomy, Corpse Molestation, Bestial Warlust, Abominator to name a few. Maybe one day Funebrarum will play in your county. Bring us over!

What are some of your personal influences? DM or non- DM
Strid, Celtic Frost ,Venom, Nihilist, Bolt Thrower, Autopsy, Belial, Demigod, Purtenance Avulsion, Funebre, Disastrous Murmur ep, Macabre End, Xysma, Necrovore, Parnassus, Rippikoulu, Lobotomy, Bach, Mozart, Summoning, Lustmord, Sophia, Voice of Hate, old punk, hardcore, thrash, doom, heavy, rock, psychedelic etc..

What interests you guys outside of metal?
I can only speak for myself but I'll provide what I know about the others:I am interested in reading, art / drawing / painting, computers, graphic design, writing / creating music, travelling, playing guitar, human behaviour, religion, psychology, serial killers, exercise, learning, history, film making, cooking, weapons, movies, hanging out with friends /family, recording, war, the occult, space, paranormal, collecting, the ocean, animals, demonology, glossolalia, beer, satan, women, spikes and fucking METAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Nick loves death metal as well as bands like Blue Cheer and is a doom fanatic. He is an avid reader, works hard and drives big cars.Dave is a black metal psycho. He reads all the cult zines, buys demos, shirts, cds...he is still deeply entrenched in and supports the underground black metal scene. He also enjoys reading, romantic walks in the graveyard and death metal. Dave also works insane hours for World Wrestling Entertainment.Matt plays guitar and sings in a grinding death metal band called Kalopsia, He screams like a demented nutcase in a noise band called HIV Plus. He is a computer geek like myself, and works for a college. Shawn plays drums in several progressive / metal oriented projects. He likes animals, computers, movies, girls, playing drums, vodka and porn. He also likes playing guitar, lifting weights and singing.Contestant number 2 please pick your favourite Fune-member! haha

A lot of bands these days seem to have stopped including lyrics in their releases, or using them entirely in some cases, How important are using lyrics to you? Can you give us some insight into lyrics/concept in Funebrarum?
Lyrics are important but there are so many times you can write about the same topic. Nick has real skill when it comes to writing and poetry so I hope to use more of his work on the next album. The lyrics and concept behind Funebrarum form the soundtrack to the journey of death. . Some songs are based on dreams I've had and others are collaborations with Nick who likes to write about being buried alive or ripping open an ancient timeworn tomb. When writing lyrics somehow I always end up back down in or descending to a vast subterranean netherworld filled with the shrieks of the rotting dead.... The atmosphere and music are meant to be eerie, haunting, morbid explosions of death... until we reach that perfection I won't be satisfied. Some new titles include: Perish Beneath, Cranial Infestation, Among the Exiled of God, Incineration of Mortal Flesh and Beyond Recognition.

I heard a rumour of a split LP being planned with Sweden’s Interment, Any truth to this?What can we expect from this release?
We have recently finished recording 4 tracks for the split CD/ LP with Interment, which will be released on Conqueror of Thorns Records. (I still have to build his site!) I have been a fan of Interment for a while now and always felt they deserve alot more attention. I offered to release their discography as a joint release between Morbid Wrath and Necroharmonic. During this process Johan (Interment vocalist) and I decided we do a split between our bands. Chris Moyen created the cover art and it's fucking brilliant. The whole thing was a quick project but the final result will be worth all the hard work. Kennet (Interment's drummer) sent me a preview of one of their songs and I was blown away. Interment rule. Prepare to crushed by a double-megaton blast of old school DEATH METAL!

Can you tell us what’s coming up for Funebrarum in the near future?
We have the new album in the works which will be recorded sometime in October 2006 as well as the show with Demilich on May 31st in New York. We also have been offered to take part in a 4 way split CD / LP with Slugathor, Eviscium and Coffins. Our third album is slotted for release on Japan's Weird Truth Records. A tentative Japan tour is planned for the future. I would like to bring the band to Europe for some shows at some point hopefully.We shall see what the future brings as Abazagorath is writing again and Craig Pillard (ex- Incantation) has just joined Evoken on bass and man is it heavy as fucking hell!! Expect some great things from all three bands in the future. Craig will appear on backup vocals on our next Funebrarum album. He also played second guitar in Abazagorath during our European tour 2004. We keep it in the family.Sometimes during rehearsals we switch to playing to total thrash heavy metal and will record a demo under this banner of steel! Hahaha. We play sick and disgusting music but we know how to laugh and have a good time too. If you don't you'll end up like all the ultra-tr00 kult Internet newbie trend kiddiestotally destroying what's left of the scene. SUPPORT THE UNDERGROUND! 666

Thanks again Daryl for the killer interview, Please feel free to fill the below space with contact details, and anything else you might feel like spewing!!
Cheers!!A rancid heap of slithering intestines to you Rebecca for being so brutal. Keep up the good work with Vomitose.For contact, shirts, stickers, booking, interviews etc.. write to: or abazagorath69@hotmail.comVisit our websites:,,,

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